A homeless man robbed a downtown Seattle Target – again – and you won’t believe the Judge’s order

Crime rates have skyrocketed in the last year in large, Democrat-controlled cities all across the country.

There’s perhaps no greater example of this than in Seattle, where it seems multiple radical judges are content to turn a blind eye to repeat criminal offenses.

And you won’t believe what happened when a homeless man robbed a downtown Seattle Target store, where apparently the man is a familiar face.

John Ray Lomack was charged with burglary for trying to steal a huge 70” flat screen television from the store.

The kicker is that according to store staff, this was the 22nd time the man has stolen from Target in the past three months.

The King County Prosecutor’s Office has a huge criminal record on Lomack, who was banned from the department store after stealing $6,000 in merchandise since October.

But the order didn’t prevent him from going back.

Video surveillance shows the entire episode, starting with the man casing the electronics department.


Target employees recognized the frequent shoplifter from previous interactions and physical assaults and called the police.

That’s when Lomack pulled an object from his pocket to cut the plastic wrap to remove a television that was bound to a group of others on display.

The camera follows Lomack as he loads the TV onto a shopping cart and pushes it onto an elevator.

Security is waiting for him on the other side but Lomack manages to shove them away and bring the TV outside of the store, where he eventually dragged it down the street.

At this point the police meet up with him and arrest him.

Lomack’s record includes convictions for at least 18 felonies and misdemeanors, including second-degree burglary, second-degree possession of stolen property, and fourth-degree assault.

King County Prosecutors argued for $5,000 bail but the judge, Kuljinder Dhillon, decided to release Lomack on his own recognizance.

Lomack was back in court on January 26 after delays and a continuance in front of a different judge, Melinda Young, but was again released.

Both judges have amassed records of going easy on homeless suspects.

The King County Prosecutor’s Office is concerned.

According to a spokesperson, “We’re concerned with the defendant’s pattern of repeat behavior and are concerned it’s going to continue. We’re also concerned he’s unlikely to return to court with his extensive criminal history that includes warrant activity on 32 cases. Only a fraction of those cases go to the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office.”

But so long as Democrats continue to push pro-crime policies, these sorts of absurd cases are going to continue.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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