A deadly stabbing spree resulted from this city’s woke, soft-on-crime policies

Following the riots that occurred during the early summer of 2020, many cities went overboard in reforming their crime policies.

And as a result, many large cities across the nation are no longer safe. . . even in broad daylight.

Now a deadly stabbing spree resulted from this city’s woke, soft-on-crime policies.

Just the other day in New York City, two people were stabbed by a crazed criminal and gang banger.

The first stabbing resulted in the death of Davide Giri, a PhD candidate and teaching assistant at Columbia.

The killer then ran off and stabbed another person, an Italian citizen named Robert Malaspina. Malaspina is expected to survive his attack.

The killer, Vincent Pinkney, was arrested after he attempted to attack yet another man walking his dog with his girlfriend in Central Park.

Pinkney has been identified as a former gang member with a long, violent criminal record.

In fact, he was currently on parole for another violent attack at the time of the stabbings.

Without a reasonable doubt, Pinkney is the benefactor of New York City’s new policies that make it virtually impossible to keep violent criminals like him behind bars.

Brutal crimes like this are nothing more than the continuation of a violent trend in New York, that unsurprisingly, began almost immediately after the implementation of New York’s new woke soft-on-crime policies.

Will this attack change New York City’s stance on crime?

Almost certainly not. If anything, this may prompt a ban on “assault knives” by the geniuses running this decaying city.

Moving forward, it is unknown whether Pinkney will be detained for a long amount of time or if he will get off once again, giving him a chance to destroy his community even more.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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