Rumors have it a blue state disaster could soon become a national nightmare

Joe Biden’s days are numbered, but the awful leftist policies he’s been pushing aren’t going away.

There are plenty of unhinged leftists waiting in the wings to take his spot.

And rumors have it a blue state disaster could soon become a national nightmare.

It’s no secret that “No Lights Newsom” has Oval Office aspirations—in spite of his protestations that he has “sub-zero” interest in running for President.

In spite of being unable to make his state function properly, California Governor Gavin Newsom is convinced he’s the guy to fill Joe Biden’s shoes.

TheWrap is reporting that Newsom is “undeniably, unequivocally” going to get himself on the 2024 ticket the moment Joe Biden bows out.

Leading funder declares Newsom Presidential bid

“After this midterm election is over, he absolutely is going to announce that he is running for the presidency once Biden announces that he is not running,” a leading California fundraiser with close ties to the Newsom family told TheWrap. “No ifs, ands or buts. He will run if Biden does not.”

Meanwhile, Biden has gone from absolutely insisting he is obviously running in 2024 to admitting in a 60 Minutes interview this week that he hasn’t decided whether he’ll run in 2024.

Nothing good could possibly come from swapping Newsom for Biden.

After all, both are card-carrying members of the fringe-Left.

But Newsom is far younger and likely to be able to more fully drive the country off a cliff even faster than it already is.

He’s managed to prove that with his botched handling of the pandemic and disastrous climate initiatives.

In fact, within days of Newsom signing a bill to outlaw the sale of new gasoline vehicles in the state by 2035, California’s power grid practically collapsed causing rolling blackouts.

Platform 2024: no real cars, heat or AC nationwide

State agencies ended up appealing to residents to turn off their AC and avoid charging their electric cars.

During the heatwave that brought on that drama, Newsom appeared on camera in a zip-up sweater in his obviously cool workspace calling on Californians to let themselves sweat for the sake of the grid.

The fact that Newsom would even consider something as irresponsible as an electric car ban when the grid can’t even handle the current load is merely a foretaste of what Americans can expect to experience with a President Newsom in office.

The problem is, if he gets control there won’t be a safe place to escape his awful ideas and irresponsible policies.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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