New Yorkers frustrated as Mayor (barely) houses illegals — but only where the poor people live

As we’ve seen over the past few weeks, talk is cheap.

New York, Chicago and other deep blue areas virtue signaled for years when they claimed to be “sanctuary” cities and states — until they got a tiny taste of what countless communities deal with daily because Democrats like Joe Biden refuse to secure the southern border.

Now, New Yorkers are frustrated as their Mayor barely houses illegals, but only where the poor people live.

Thirty workers drilled holes in the pavement and put together poles and beams for what officials have said will be five massive, heated tents to house 1,000 adults for as many as four days each while they undergo screening before entering the city’s shelter system.

New York squirreling illegals away in “Club Shed”

According to The New York Post, “Photos of the planned accommodations — rows of spartan, camp-style cots without mattresses — suggest staying there will be more like a visit to ‘Club Shed.’”

Bronx residents balked, thinking that the idea of putting migrants there amid an ongoing influx that could reach 75,000 people was less than perfectly conceived.

Rob Soto, 35, of Soundview fumed, saying, “Why send them to a low-income area? Why don’t they send them to the Hamptons? It’s elected people being petty and the people suffer.”

Nelson Cortes, 76, of Morris Park is a retiree and said, “We don’t want this. We come here to enjoy the beach. We bring our families here to have a picnic. There won’t be enough jobs and there will be more crime. I came here from Puerto Rico. When I came to this country, I paid my own fare and I didn’t get anything from the government. I arrived, got a job and provided for my family.”

Juan Nazario, 59, of City Island, said, “This is crazy. This area is 99% Puerto Rican. Anything illegal that happens here now, the Puerto Ricans will all be blamed for it.”

As previously reported by Blue State Blues News, “Eric Adams claimed that New York City is looking into putting illegal aliens onto cruise ships. The mayor’s chief of staff was in discussion with Norwegian Cruise Lines about housing illegals.”

It’s all very, very rich.

Leftists love to proclaim, “All are welcome here, and no human being is illegal” — but those are nothing but empty words.

Your neighborhood, not theirs

What they really mean is, “You’re welcome to come to my sanctuary city. But not my neighborhood, not my gated community and certainly not my kids’ school.”

When these hypocrites voted in favor of amnesty and for policies that incentivize illegal immigration they never thought they would have to deal with problems that come with it.

It was all theoretical, until border state governors decided it was time to “share the wealth.”

Only then did it become a “humanitarian crisis.”

New Yorkers should have thought about this before allowing their politicians to declare them a sanctuary city, but it’s encouraging that hispanics and working-class Americans of every race and creed are moving rapidly toward Republicans as Democrats have become so obviously disinterested in their concerns.

Here’s to hoping that trend continues.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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