Nancy Pelosi’s awful stench is finally catching up with her hometown—in more ways than anyone could imagine

Democrats like to pretend the world would be perfect if they were in charge.

But reality begs to differ.

And Nancy Pelosi’s awful stench is finally catching up with her hometown—in more ways than anyone could imagine.

San Francisco is supposed to be a leftist haven, but these days a critical part of the insanely expensive city is starting to look like a ghost town—and that can’t even compete with the horror show out in the bay.

You’d think the area around one of the world’s strongest concentrations of leftists and climate change fanatics would be kept absolutely pristine.

But one unbelievably dirty secret about the Golden City was just revealed.

An algae bloom has been killing millions of fish and other sea animals in the San Francisco Bay this summer.

Initially scientists tried to blame it on another “climate disaster” but the cause is clearly human—and completely preventable.

What is really killing the fish? Human excrement.

“While scientists suspect climate change played a role in triggering the bloom, what fueled it is not a mystery,” The San Francisco Chronicle revealed. “Algae blooms need food to grow, and this one has plenty: nutrients originating in wastewater that the region’s 37 sewage plants pump into the bay.”

That’s right, the leftists harassing the rest of the world about needing to clean up our act are literally dumping their sewage into the ocean.

The dead fish washing up on area beaches for the past several weeks have been slowly rotting with a nasty odor wafting over nearby neighborhoods.
Between that stench, Gavin Newsom’s rotten pandemic policies, and soaring crime rates it’s no wonder businesses are rapidly bailing out of the Bay Area.

After becoming known as the birthplace of Big Tech’s biggest success stories, the area surrounding Silicon Valley is suddenly losing its sheen.

And that’s creating one massive economic mess.

Go Cali, face economic Cal-amity

Go woke, go broke needs an update.

According to The San Francisco Standard, the city’s commercial real estate market is “tilting towards a collapse in property values, leaving the city, its budget and its ability to provide services tied to the tracks.”

According to the publication “there’s an uneasy feeling among a coalition of business groups that city leaders are sleepwalking into an economic calamity with far-reaching consequences.”

One tech company after the next is fleeing California for business-friendly red states while a recent report ranked San Francisco’s downtown recovery as dead last compared to 60 plus other cities.

Right now, the city has more than 25 million square feet of commercial real estate available.

“We’re way above anything that was happening in the Great Recession and dot-com era days,” said Jay Shaffer, a co-founder and principal at Colton Commercial & Partners told The San Francisco Standard. “We have this shadow market of sublease availability in seemingly uncharted territories. And sublease inventory is still rising.”

As employers offering the high-paying jobs required to survive in San Francisco—like Airbnb and Yelp—flee, there’s going to be a ripple effect through the city that will reach every aspect of life from the private rental market to taxes collected and public school budgets.

The truth is, it doesn’t matter whether you’re trying to do business downtown or take a stroll along the beach, these days San Francisco stinks—and the stench is getting worse by the day.

The Pelosi family reeks

Between corruption, booze, and ambition, they smell awful.

Nancy Pelosi—and her nephew California Governor Gavin Newsom—are watching their own policies devastate their hometown.

It’s no wonder they’re trying to bail out.

With his Presidential ambitions, Newsom clearly wants to move to The Washington, D.C. Swamp.

Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi is reportedly working on a plan b that gets her as far away from California as possible should she lose the Speakers’ gavel this November.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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