Gas prices are going through the roof at shocking levels in this blue state

Right now it seems like everything is going to hell.

Inflation is reaching record highs, businesses are shutting down due to people choosing to live off the government dole instead of working, and things are getting insanely expensive.

One commodity in particular that is seeing a major increase in price is gas, and this one blue state in particular is seeing a gas price boom.

When it comes to expensive states, Massachusetts takes the cake.

Just about everything in Massachusetts is overpriced.

Homes, groceries, rent. You name it.

Another good that has been historically overpriced in Massachusetts is gasoline.

These goods are so expensive that many small border towns in New Hampshire have built their economy around catering to Massachusetts residents who are looking to come into the state to do their shopping and avoid the high prices and sales taxes.

The cause of these high prices? Well, that is easy.

Failed left-wing politics. Shocker.

Although the radical leftists who run the state come up with one excuse after another, prices are high in Massachusetts because the morons who run the state tax the living hell out of just about anything.

And of course, gas is one of the most taxed goods in the state.

This is especially true in a world that is demonizing the use of fossil fuels more and more by the day.

As it stands, Massachusetts has a .24 cents a gallon tax on gas, with localities adding more per gallon.

Gas has gotten so expensive in this far-left state that people are finally beginning to take notice.

Just the other day it was reported that gas prices have increased eight cents alone in the last week.

Leftists are claiming this is due to the Ukrainian crisis, which may be partly to blame but to find the real culprit, look no further than Washington, D.C.

Joe Biden has stood resolute in his promise to not increase U.S. oil supply, thus making the United States more dependent than ever on foreign oil.

It doesn’t take an economist to figure out how stupid that is.

Just turn on the news and you will see why.

Also, inflation has reached record levels making the value of your dollar worth less than ever before.

That is another hidden tax that the Left doesn’t tell you about.

The moral of the story is, left-wing politics are ruining this nation.

Soaring gas prices, especially in dark blue states like Massachusetts, are just the beginning of something grimmer.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any update to this ongoing story.


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