“Eco-blocks” may prove this leftist city has finally had enough of a crippling problem

From Anchorage to Miami, America is falling into ruin at the hands of liberal politicians.

Just about every city in America, especially those run by socialists, is plagued by drugs, crime, and homelessness. 

But the new “eco-blocks” going up in one leftist city may prove they’ve finally had enough of the crippling plagues. 

When it comes to decaying, crime-filled cities, few are as bad as Seattle Washington.

Over the past several decades, Seattle has been completely destroyed by liberal politics.

This once picturesque fishing and logging hub of the Northwest has become a burnt out center for poverty and drug use.

It is hard to walk down a street in Seattle, or any west coast city for that matter, without stepping over drugged up bums and heroin needles.

At this point it is fair to say that all tent covered roads lead to Seattle.

And for years, Seattle has done very little to stop widespread homeless tent communities from overtaking city streets in Seattle.

If anything it has been encouraged by the crazy leftists who run that city.

But at long last, the people of Seattle are fed up with this crisis.

And to everyone’s surprise the Seattle city government seems to at least be allowing citizens to do something about it.

Back in February, KOMO reported that local business owners — or someone — began using $20 so-called “eco-blocks” to prevent squatters from parking RVs and tents in front of their businesses.

As of late, the concrete barricades known locally as “eco blocks” have been popping up more and more.

And it’s no surprise why.

One resident told KOMO News this week that these nomadic bums were causing many problems, saying that they’ve been, “woken up hour after hour, 2 am and 3 am screaming, hollering, gunshots, and we’d have people wander into our yard, take our kids bikes, doing drugs in front our home.” 

It should go without saying that nobody, especially children, should be subjected to this depravity.

The “eco-blocks” that seem God sent got their name because they are made with recycled concrete.  And of course, that makes Seattle’s liberals feel better about them. 

But they are illegal.

According to KOMO News, the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) says it’s unlawful to place objects in a public place without a permit and that the city does not issue permits for them so it’s illegal to use “eco-blocks” or anything else to block a sidewalk, parking space or street.

The SDOT has apparently been issuing warnings to the adjacent property owners regarding the blocks.

But so far, they aren’t issuing fines or citations.

Although this is a very small step, it is a step in the right direction nonetheless.

It is funny how liberals call walls and barriers racist and fascist until they have a directly positive benefit on their lives. 

Of course, it is Seattle.  So it wouldn’t be too surprising if officials not only legalized the use of “eco-blocks” but even upgraded the barricades to a full blown wall to keep people from leaving. 

In all seriousness, Seattle is doing the right thing here by not issuing fines but they need to do a lot more to actually get the throngs of bums off of the streets.

Encouraging drug use and homelessness is not the right answer.

At the end of the day, if the people of Seattle ever hope to make their city clean and safe again then they will need to remove the Socialists who are mismanaging their city.

Until this is done, positive changes will be few and far between.

Hopefully Seattle won’t drop the hammer on citizens and business owners using the “eco-blocks” to protect their property and livelihoods in the meantime.

But who wants to live in a city full of concrete blocks?


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