Criminals tried to pull off one robbery and got the surprise of their lives

Americans are experiencing a serious uptick in crime.

Democratic strongholds are being hit particularly hard.

But criminals tried to pull off one robbery and got the surprise of their lives.

Los Angeles is one of the cities suffering under the thumb of a far-left prosecutor.

District Attorney George Gascón, one of the prosecutors bankrolled by George Soros, has implemented pro-crime policies that have led to increased crime all across the southland.

Criminals have been emboldened, but store owners are fed up.

And robbers equipped with hammers tried to steal from a jewelry store, but the store employees fought them off.

Sadly, scenes like this in Los Angeles and San Francisco, where Gascón lost his re-election bid to a prosecutor even further to the left, are not uncommon.

In 2021, there were well over 100 follow-home in Los Angeles – criminals would scout high-end stores and follow the customers home.

Several celebrities were targeted, including Dorit Kemsley of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, who was robbed in her home.

Jacqueline Avant, wife of famed record producer Clarence Avant, was tragically murdered in her home in Beverly Hills by a career criminal.

The shocking murder spurred liberal residents to arm themselves.

In another tragic episode, UCLA graduate student Brianna Kupfer was murdered by a homeless drifter while working at an upscale furniture store.

Gascón’s pro-crime policies have so angered Angelenos, even progressives are supporting the effort to recall him.

Rosanna Arquette, one of the most left-wing and Trump-deranged actresses in Hollywood, jumped on a campaign to recall Gascón.

Progressives will tolerate almost anything until their own personal safety and well-being are threatened.

Perhaps the most high-profile example of soft-on-crime progressivism going too far was the jaw-dropping Dave Chappelle incident.

Chappelle was in the middle of a set at the Hollywood Bowl when a lunatic in possession of a knife charged the stage and tackled him.

Gascón refused to charge him with a felony, so the incident is being tried as a misdemeanor.

As for the jewelry store owners, their frustration is being felt by many.

In stores like Target and Walgreens, security guards are instructed not to intervene, so criminals brazenly stroll out of the store, much to the exasperation of employees and law-abiding shoppers.

Liberal cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco might have finally reached their breaking points.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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