This city’s wild spending spree is going to cost taxpayers millions after the feds refuse to foot the bill

Sometimes it feels like radical leftists do not have the faintest idea of how basic economics works.

Such fiscal idiocy is especially frustrating when it is YOUR hard-earned tax dollars that are being flushed down the toilet for stupid social justice causes that only seem to make life worse.

Well, this is exactly what is happening in this major left-wing city, and taxpayers just discovered that the feds will not foot the bill for their out of control spending.

When it comes to radical leftist cities, Denver immediately comes to mind.

And over the past decade, this city has exploded in population, attracting left-wing refugees from California and drug addicts from across the nation.

As a direct result, their politics have gotten out of control.

Perhaps the most noticeable policy changes include Denver’s abolition of drug laws, leading to harmful drugs proliferating their streets.

The next major policy change is how Denver deals with homelessness, which has unsurprisingly skyrocketed since the city stopped seriously enforcing drug laws.

Just ask anybody who has been to Denver lately.

The homelessness is simply out of hand.

So what is the liberal city council’s solution?

Reckless, out-of-control spending of course.

Rather than cleaning up the streets and curbing the flow of drugs, the Denver city council thought it was wise to spend at least $32 million of taxpayer dollars to build cutting edge homeless shelters.

Except these clueless lawmakers made one major error.

They had foolishly assumed they would be repaid by FEMA, which is now looking like a pipedream.

This means that the taxpayers of Denver just footed one hell of an expensive project.

Better them than federal taxpayers though.

The sad thing is, this is just another example of Denver throwing money down the drain.

If anything, these projects will serve as a beacon to even more homeless people looking to resettle in Denver, which is the absolute last thing that the city needs.

Denver’s decline over the years is very sad, but all too predictable.

Every time you see a massive influx of people from other blue states like California and New York, they reliably bring their flawed politics with them, thus infecting the entire nation with their brain dead ideology.

Let’s hope that the people of Denver do something about this one day, or else their once beautiful city will become unlivable.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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