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illegal immigrants

The Yoko Ono of the Senate just launched a disgusting attack on wheelchair-bound Texas Governor Greg Abbott

Republicans began to grow a backbone in the Donald Trump era. Governors like Greg Abbott have fought battles against the Democrats and the corporate-controlled press. Now...

Muriel Bowser may not understand what she’s done with this move

Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser and her fellow D.C. ruling elites aren’t the sharpest bulbs. It seems they forgot to check the latest numbers with...

Lori Lightfoot and J.B. Pritzker infuriated citizens with this cowardly escalation of their war against Greg Abbott

Leftists will blindside anyone with their cowardly attacks. Lori Lightfoot and J.B. Pritzker crossed the line with their petty leftist rage when they dragged people...

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