Gavin Newsom is quivering with fear after fed-up citizens take to the streets

Drugs are flowing across America’s southern border with Mexico after years of Joe Biden’s open borders policies. 

As a result, nearly every American city is reeling from a drug epidemic the likes of which America has never before seen. 

And now Gavin Newsom is quivering with fear after fed-up citizens take to the streets.

Law-abiding citizens are sick of living like second-class citizens in California

A quick drive down any busy street in San Francisco will confirm that the city is reeling from an unprecedented drug crisis. 

Instead of protecting citizens from this crisis, the city of San Francisco is doing everything in its power to facilitate it. 

Open-air drug markets, clean needle exchanges, and decriminalized drugs are contributing to this drug crisis. 

Understandably, law-abiding citizens are outraged in San Francisco, and last Sunday a group of concerned citizens took to the streets to demand change. 

Standing on the steps of San Francisco’s city hall, a number of concerned citizens voiced their outrage over the destruction of their city. 

Neighborhood activist Ricci Wynne spoke up and said “If it was up to me, we would walk right down to 7th and Mission and claim our streets back.  What breaks my heart the most is the everyday working family are walking by these drug scenes.”

He added, “I come from a long line of addiction, people who used in my family, when they got caught with drugs they went to jail but you know what? It got them clean.”

San Francisco Supervisor Matt Dorsey spoke out about his plan to clean up the city saying “The sidewalk can’t be the place, neighborhoods can’t be the place where we’re letting this happen, public drug use.”

But he then said, “I’m also going to support supervised consumption facilities, I know a lot of people don’t want to hear that but I think we need to do both.”

San Francisco will not change until the people change their government 

As long as far-left Democrats are running the city of San Francisco, nothing will change. 

If the people of San Francisco, and every other city across the nation reeling from drug crime, hope to change how things are going, they will need to seize back control of their city. 

Changing public policy to actually enforce drug laws, and stop government-sanctioned open-air drug markets is the only way to stop this depravity. 

The sad truth is, drug users and homeless people are treated better than taxpayers and law-abiding citizens in San Francisco. 

Sending federal troops into the city may be the only option to save California.  

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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