Young Chicago thugs’ carjacking went off the rails

Elite leftists care little about the safety of defenseless citizens forced to face squads of young criminals lurking everywhere these days. 

But a group of Windy City thugs just found out not everyone’s defenseless.

Because this carjacking went off the rails quick.

All gun control laws do is stop law-abiding citizens from defending themselves.

But in the face of soaring crime, the Left are ramping up their efforts to confiscate guns.

Whether or not they actually believe that more laws will stop criminals from carrying guns doesn’t matter.

On top of hating the idea of armed citizens defending themselves, Democrats believe that disarming law-abiding citizens is a winning strategy for the Midterms.

But in Chicago, a city with some of the harshest gun control laws in the country, a woman proved the value of law-abiding citizens protecting themselves against criminals.

CBS News in Chicago reported that “police said a woman shot and wounded a 13-year-old boy who was part of a group that tried to break into her car, and then pointed a gun at her, in Hyde Park Friday night. At 7:58 p.m., four to five males were trying to break into a parked car in the 1100 block of East 52nd Street, police said. The 34-year-old woman who owned the car confronted the would-be thieves, at which point one of them took out a gun and pointed it at her, police said. The woman – who has a concealed carry license – fired her own gun and hit one of the would-be thieves, police said. The would-be thief, a 13-year-old boy, was struck in the neck and was taken to the University of Chicago’s Comer Children’s Hospital in fair condition. The other offenders ran off, and no weapon was recovered, police said. No one else was injured.”

So a pack of criminals with at least one illegal handgun tried to steal a car, and a woman was able to ward them off with a gun.

Criminals wouldn’t be so quick to commit crimes if they had fear of responsible gun owners carrying weapons.

But when guns are outlawed, only outlaws have guns.

This is another recent incident that affirms the good-guy-with-a-gun argument.

A man named Eli Dicken cut short a mass shooter rampage in Greenwood Park Mall near Indianapolis because he was carrying a handgun.

These are the types of stories that Democrats ignore because they do not fit into their gun control agenda.

Law-abiding citizens across the country use weapons defensively to stop or deter criminals.

People who intend to break the law actively pursue soft targets.

Fewer soft targets mean fewer crimes.

This is what Second Amendment advocates are fighting for.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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