You won’t believe who’s pushing to brainwash kindergartners with Critical Race Theory

Just when you think the world can’t get any stranger, an academic gets an idea.

These days their ideas have seeped down into every level of American society.

And you won’t believe who’s pushing to brainwash kindergartners with Critical Race Theory.

An essay published on Loyola University Maryland’s website a few months back suddenly caught the attention of conservatives who are furious with the Catholic university for pushing radical leftist ideals.

Apparently, academics at the Jesuit institution, which trains teachers, are all for supporting the most radical elements of CRT – and even went as far as endorsing The New York Times’ flawed 1619 Project.

In their words, the 1619 Project creators not only pointed out a “litany of American transgressions with regard to race and race relations” but also turned the project “into an educative tool to be used to initiate honest and representative discussions in schools of the enduring legacy of slavery and transform that knowledge into actionable and equitable change.”

You’ll notice that they used all kinds of politically correct words in that last sentence to assure fellow leftists that they’re fully up to speed on how the cool kids talk these days.

Most of the Loyola essay was dedicated to whining about conservatives pushing back against woke education policies, writing that, “The recent political attacks on CRT are dangerous and are predicated on the power of misinformation and misrepresentation.”

Later on in the essay, the academics doubled down on that stance saying, “Every teacher, educational leader, and stakeholder that has been trained using CRT and witnessed the reality of it in the schools where they work or live must use their voice to resist this dangerous swell of divisiveness. For our part, as an institution of higher education, first we want to publicly express our commitment to CRT and anti-racist education, making it known that we will continue to prepare future educators using these methods.”

Obviously, not all Catholics are on board.

Writing for the Catholic World Report, Denise Donohue, Ed.D., breaks down why “Critical Race Theory is contrary to Catholic Education.”

According to Donhue some parents are, “rightly surprised and concerned about false and hostile interpretations of traditional culture, values, and history that have been introduced—both overtly and covertly—into public and even Catholic schools and colleges. These come in the form of new diversity, equity, and inclusivity programs, approaches, and ideologies.”

She points out that, instead of embracing CRT, a movement that seems to dwell on revenge and reparation, Catholic educators should, “teach that the sin of one person does not extend to their progeny, since their progeny, too, have free will. ‘You ask: “Why is not the son charged with the guilt of his father?” Because the son has done what is right and just, and has been careful to observe all my statutes, he shall surely live’ (Ez 18:19). CRT improperly attempts to assign the responsibility and burdens for sins committed by others in the past to persons today who happen to share a skin color with a past sinner.”

While Catholics are basically split down the center when it comes to affiliation with the Republican or Democrat Parties, no doubt this will quickly become a battle for the heart and soul of the church.

Meanwhile, it seems Catholic leftists have no qualms about taking the same approach as their secular counterparts by harnessing academic institution dollars to push their radical agenda.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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