You won’t believe who has been getting “hazard pay” in this northwestern city

“Hazard pay” is a common perk for Americans who take on risky jobs, usually in hostile foreign countries where they are basically putting their lives on the line on a daily basis.

Now, thanks to leftists, parts of America have a lot in common with some war zones.

But you won’t believe how one city has been using “hazard pay” to kill small businesses.

A few years ago, the biggest concern people had when going to downtown Portland was where to get the best gluten-free treats.

Now, thanks to leftist city leaders who fell for the whole “defund the police” song and dance, the snooty northwestern city is an absolute wreck.

Rather than supporting police, the City of Portland cut millions of dollars from police budgets while forcing all businesses to pay employees a minimum of $19.50 per hour to work in the embattled city.

The official line is that the hazard pay is because of the city’s “state of emergency amid the pandemic.”

But we all know anarchy zones are a lot scarier than people hiding behind masks and scurrying back to their homes to keep their germs to themselves.

But no matter the reason, some minimum wage workers aren’t exactly impressed.

“Sure, I’ll make more, but the prices of groceries and things in the city of Portland will go up. So, guess what? Everything stays the same. It’s just, not many people look at it that way, they just see a bigger number but everything goes up eventually,” a Whole Foods employee told the local CBS news channel.

Portland already has one of the highest minimum wages in the nation under normal conditions at $13 per hour.

Now the city has finally repealed the emergency declaration after small business owners overwhelmed their virtual meetings complaining that the city’s order is putting them out of business since they can’t afford to pay their employees higher wages even as the current mess is hurting many businesses.

Now, hazard pay in Portland will end January 15, but, of course, the city had to keep making life miserable for anyone unfortunate enough to wander inside its city limits.

A mask ordinance is now in place for everyone but screened individuals inside businesses who are vaccinated.

Those who don’t comply will be fined.

Just to make sure they amp up the uncertainty, the city council will revisit their policies every 30 days.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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