You won’t believe who Democrats just elected to office in one of the biggest cities in America

All over the United States, radical, George Soros-backed District Attorney’s have been turning a blind eye to felonies and misdemeanors.

This Social Justice Snowflake strategy has led to a huge surge in crime in our country.

But if you thought that was bad, you won’t believe who Democrats just elected to office in one of the biggest cities in America.

Democrat voters just elected a convicted murderer.

You read that correctly, Democrats just put a convicted killer in elected office.

Murderer Eddie Gibbs just won a special election to fill New York State’s 68th Assembly seat in a section of East Harlem.

And it wasn’t even close – the almost entirely Democrat voters of the district put the criminal in office with 80% of the vote – a true landslide victory.

Gibbs now goes from the state penitentiary to the state capitol building in Albany – where the showers aren’t all that much safer.

The seat was open because the never-elected Governor of New York, Kathy Hochul promoted the former seat holder, Robert Rodriguez, to Secretary of State.

Gibbs murdered another man in Manhattan back in 1988, but pled down to a manslaughter conviction.

He served five-years of hard time before getting released on parole.

But that wasn’t Gibbs’ first brush with the wrong side of the law.

He was convicted for selling crack cocaine in the 1980’s.

Before that, he was arrested and convicted of domestic abuse in 1977.

Gibbs is making history as the first person ever elected to the Empire State’s General Assembly to have been previously incarcerated.

“According to the historians, I am the first one,” Gibbs said. “And I’m honored to take on the task, but I didn’t realize until within the last two weeks how big a responsibility it is, this task, and how many individuals are actually relying on me to succeed.”

The special election cost New Yorkers about $500,000 for a total of 1,119 votes.

That comes to spending roughly $447 per vote cast.

Manhattan Democratic County Chair, Keith Wright said that one of the biggest contributing factors to the extreme expense of the election was the 10-days of early voting.

Gibbs can’t rest on his laurels long – he faces a primary for his newly-won seat in June.

The district is heavily Latino, often being referred to as El Barrio, and the seat was even considered a “Puerto Rican” seat.

Gibbs’ election inspires an important question.

If Democrats are willing to nominate and elect a convicted killer to higher office, how can they be expected to turn around the crime surge plaguing America?

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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