Women and a toddler are attacked even as pro-crime leftists push for “equity” rather than safety

The reality of “social justice” efforts is rearing its ugly head in blue states.

Now a focus on “equity” is prioritized over law enforcement.

And the most vulnerable people are paying the highest prices as women and a toddler were attacked in broad daylight.

Earlier this week, police arrested a man in the Seattle area who grabbed a toddler by her hood and threw her off a trail before pushing the 18-month-old’s mother into Lake Washington.

He went on to throw another woman into the lake, kick a jogger to the ground, and punch a man in the face before he was arrested by police.

Somebody’s been playing too much Grand Theft Auto . . .

Police say the attacker, Chaz Butler, has a violent past and has been convicted for assault before this latest incident, which apparently started after he tried to steal a phone from a woman on Marsh Island in Washington state.

He’s now behind bars for his rampage that started in a park area, went across part of a university campus, and ended on city streets.

But this case highlights some serious concerns about the world leftists are creating when laws are only enforced when they’re considered “criminal.”

Local conservatives have already sounded the alarm after Seattle’s interim Police Chief Adrian Diaz banned many non-criminal traffic stops because he said not everybody can afford to pay the fines.

And that’s a watered-down version of what Seattle leftists wanted: a ban on all traffic stops.

That means even if police notice negligent or erratic behavior, they aren’t allowed to do a thing about it until something awful happens – like an innocent little girl getting thrown around like a rag doll.

Anyone who’s had to listen to police scanners for any length of time is well aware of the role routine traffic stops can play in revealing a bigger problem.

Expired tags – which Seattle police are no longer allowed to stop someone for – are often on stolen vehicles used in all kinds of crime sprees from theft to kidnappings.

Furthermore, the idea that ignoring the law is essential to overcome “institutional racism” is racist itself.

The idea that minorities can’t be upstanding citizens not only flies in the face of common sense – it ignores the fact that minorities are fleeing from the Democrat Party, which is spewing this nonsense.

Creating a haven for criminals isn’t compassionate or “equitable” – it’s a bid to destroy our country and turn it into a third world hell hole where families are at the mercy of ruling criminal cartels.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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