“Wolfpack” attack caught on video shows America’s biggest city unraveling

Chaos reigns in New York City as criminals realize they can get away with almost anything these days. 

Now locals say a “Wolfpack” of criminals has hit Queens. 

And the”Wolfpack” attack caught on video shows America’s biggest city unraveling.

Last year longtime Queens residents were buzzing about the uptick in crime across the entire NYC metro area. 

Following the 2020 Black Lives Matter riots, it seems nothing is sacred in the minds of criminals. 

Now even neighborhoods that have historically been safe havens in the urban area have had their sense of security shattered.

Recently, a gang of masked teens poured into a Chinese restaurant on 127th street tossing chairs, turning over tables, and even damaging a window.

This example of senseless destruction is one more sign of the times according to local community members.  

Curtis Sliwa goes off over destruction

“We’ve fallen so low that there’s no expectation of consequences for this horrific attack on private property,” Yatin Chu, president of Asian Wave Alliance and a co-founder of PLACE NYC, shared in a Twitter post.

“This video is going viral on WeChat. Fish Village, a restaurant in College Point, Queens was ransacked by a gang of masked kids in hoodies,” she added. 

Curtis Sliwa, founder of volunteer citizen patrol group Guardian Angels, is clearly upset about the incident and what it means for the city. 

“This was a wolfpack, a bunch of teenage thugs rampaging through the restaurant,” Sliwa told The New York Post on Tuesday. “Another Asian merchant gets treated like a speedbump.”

“Your whole life is being put in front of you, and there’s nothing you can do about it,” he added. “Nothing is going to happen to [the criminals]. They will be charged as juveniles and be back out on the street. Their friends will see the video, and they will be treated as heroes in the ‘hood.’”

Sliwa promised that his community-watch volunteers will start patrolling the restaurant to discourage another round of vandalism. 

But the fact that a stepped-up citizen patrol is necessary is disheartening. 

“This is College Point. This never used to happen in College Point,” Sliwa pointed out. “The city is out of control.”

Warning: strong language

Police in the city certainly aren’t commanding respect these days. 

Late last month vandals slashed the tires of police cars near the 112 precinct police station in Queens. 

It was one of about 20 attacks on New York Police Department vehicles since the beginning of the year. 

The fact that hooligans feel comfortable trashing a restaurant in plain sight—and on camera—not to mention slashing tires right next to a police station speaks to the incredible entitlement complex young thugs are embracing. 

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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