Woke education policies just backfired on parents in one Democrat-run city

The Democratic Party has been taken over by radicals.

Old-school liberals are slowly waking up to that fact.

Now woke education policies just backfired on parents in one Democrat-run city.

It’s easy for Democrats to favor leftist policies because they often insulate themselves from the consequences of their own ideology.

But that’s beginning to change.

Bad leftist policies are boomeranging on Democrat voters, and they don’t like it.

According to a contributing editor at The American Mind, almost no white seniors at a posh prep school in Los Angeles got accepted to schools in the University of California, most notably Berkeley and UCLA.

Los Angeles votes overwhelmingly Democrat, along with the rest of the state.

Democrats were on board with voting for so-called “progressive” educational policies that scrapped merit-based admissions at the K-12 and university levels.

Now that their children are being effective, they’re not so happy.

Asian students were the canary in the coal mine for the radical left-wing shift in education.

Thousands of Asian students were denied acceptance to Harvard despite having impeccable credentials because there were disproportionately “too many” Asians at the institution.

The problem trickled down to schools in San Francisco.

Three far-left school board members were recalled in part for getting rid of color-blind admissions.

The Daily Mail reported that the “school board also scrapped merit-based competitive admissions at elite $42,000-a-year Lowell High School, which disadvantaged Asian American students.”

Similar trends are happening in other cities; New York, for example, ended gift programs in public schools because they weren’t “diverse” enough.

The progressive justification for eliminating merit-based admissions is to boost “diversity,” but it’s another way of expressing the “soft bigotry of low expectations” for black and latino students.

When California first scrapped affirmative action in college admissions, black graduation rates increased (particularly in the coveted STEM fields), as did black participation on the Dean’s List.

Affirmative action created a “mismatch” effect where a solid student was admitted to CalTech or Stanford when he or she was academically suited for a good state school.

The residual side effect is that white students and “white-adjacent” Asian students were displaced.

Parents at schools like Brentwood allegedly seem to be learning this lesson the hard way.

Worse yet for the parents, elite preps schools are the ones most likely to push radical woke curricula.

So liberal parents are paying for the privilege to indoctrinate their kids in nonsense and not get into a top school.

Isn’t that ironic?

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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