When you see why a New York Judge won’t let one father see his daughter you’ll be sick to your stomach

New York City has become increasingly authoritarian.

Communist Mayor Bill de Blasio has done everything he could to centralize more power in the hands of the government.

And when you see why a New York Judge won’t let one father see his daughter you’ll be sick to your stomach.

The COVID regime continues to get bolder in its dictatorial mandates.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio implemented a vaccine mandate for the entire city, and now a Judge won’t let a father see his daughter because of his vaccination status.

The Post Millennial reports:

“A New York City judge, Mathew Cooper, has just handed down an order in an ongoing custody battle blocking visits between a Long Island man and his three-year-old daughter because he is unvaccinated. The order specifically states that the father, in order to see his daughter, must either be fully vaccinated or submit to weekly COVID-19 testing. He must also get an antigen test within 24 hours of his every other weekend visit with his child.”

Judge Cooper is also presiding over the father’s divorce case, so he has considerable control over his life.

It’s absurd that a judge can force a parent to get a medical procedure as a condition to see his child.

Worse yet, the Judge blamed “conspiracy theories” for the father’s reluctance.

Cooper wrote in a statement:

“In-person parental access by defendant is not in the child’s best interests, and there are exceptional circumstances that support its suspension…The dangers of voluntarily remaining unvaccinated during access with a child while the COVID-19 virus remains a threat to children’s health and safety cannot be understated . . . Unfortunately, and to my mind, incomprehensibly, a sizable minority, seizing upon misinformation, conspiracy theories, and muddled notions of ‘individual liberty,’ have refused all entreaties to be vaccinated.”

Under the COVID regime, everyone must get the jab no matter what.

Lloyd Rosen, the father’s attorney, responded, “My client is not a conspiracy theorist. He has concerns about the vaccine. He’s heard about side effects. He once had a bad reaction to a flu vaccine.”

Rosen also noted that his client already had COVID and recovered.

For baffling reasons, Dr. Anthony Fauci and other public health experts refuse to factor in natural immunity to their vaccine campaign.

Cooper isn’t the first Judge to make this totalitarian ruling.

A leftist Judge in Chicago did the same thing.

COVID is being used as a pretext to rule people’s lives, just as the progressives have always wanted.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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