What this journalist just said about crime will make your blood boil

Violent crime is on the rise in many Democrat-run cities.

Some far-left prosecutors are finally being recalled.

But what this journalist just said about crime will make your blood boil.

Pro-crime policies are making certain areas of Democrat-run cities unlivable.

Liberals in San Francisco recalled far-left, George Soros-backed District Attorney Chesa Boudin, and Los Angeles is on the verge of doing the same with George Gascón, coincidentally the man Boudin defeated for the DA job in San Francisco.

But there’s a contingent of Democrats who refuse to acknowledge the spikes in crime and the increase in lawlessness.

Feminist journalist Jessica Valenti chastised liberals for being disturbed by crime in major cities.

Valenti wrote, “The more I read these panicked articles about places like NYC and San Francisco being ‘unsafe’, the more I realize it’s not about crime at all – just discomfort with poverty being more visible. *Feeling* unsafe and being unsafe are very different things, and I promise you the homeless person you’re so afraid of is in a lot more imminent danger than you are. I’m a 3rd generation native NYer and the only times I’ve felt unsafe here was thanks to regular ass dudes harassing me.”

This is preposterous.

Crime is clearly on the rise in San Francisco, so much so that businesses like Walgreens are leaving because of rampant theft.

Thieves have become so brazen, they steal bagfuls, and even cartfuls, of goods and flee the store with no fear of being caught.

Store security guards and employees have been instructed to stand down, and the police aren’t making arrests because theft under $950 is not prosecuted in the city.

People are also reluctant to intervene because they could get in criminal and/or legal trouble.

Valenti continued, “Like, relationships & marriage are a lot more dangerous to women than living in a city but I don’t see any panicked columns about that! Sorry you knew you couldn’t escape this thread without some ✨feminism✨ Seriously, though. My 11 yr-old has started walking around Brooklyn by herself & the thing I said that gave her the most confidence was reminding her that when she’s on the street, she’s *surrounded* by adults who would help her if necessary. Because it’s true! New Yorkers are good people, and they watch out for each other. That’s why when I send my kid – who is my whole heart – out into Brooklyn, I have full confidence that she will be safe.” 

Valenti is downplaying the people who have experienced violence due to pro-crime policies where a repeat offender was back on the street to commit another crime.

Valenti and Democrats like her are proof that they don’t care about human suffering in pursuit of their ideological goals.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story. 



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