What this Black Lives Matter terrorist just told rioters to do to police left jaws on the floor

The corporate-controlled press has done more than give cover to far-left extremists.

The media fanned the flames of the 2020 riots that led to dozens of deaths and billions in property destruction.

But what this Black Lives Matter terrorist just told rioters to do to police left jaws on the floor.

Democrats and their Fake News Media allies have given far-left radicals a wide berth to create chaos.

The corporate-controlled press laughably characterized the 2020 riots as “mostly peaceful” as buildings burned in the background, and prominent Democrats like Kamala Harris and Hollywood celebrities bailed out rioters.

Now a Black Lives Matter extremist is openly calling for violence after a controversial police shooting in Minneapolis, where George Floyd was killed.

The rabble rouser raged, “Feel your anger fully. Be mad! Be mad! Because your anger is justified. Build barricades, burn precincts, reappropriate what they’ve stolen from you for thousands of generations! Power to the looters! Power to the rioters!”

The Left is perfectly fine with political violence so long as it comes from leftists.

In 2020, NPR platformed radical author Vicky Osterweil who wrote a book called In Defense of Looting.

The Left excuses rioting and looting as the cries of the unheard, but that is an absurd argument.

Rioting and looting help nobody except for criminal sociopaths and opportunists.

The Left likes to claim that stores are insured, but that is not true.

Insurers don’t provide full coverage for rioting and looting, and many don’t cover those crimes at all.

Many businesses in Democrat-run cities like Minneapolis, New York, and San Francisco have been forced to close down as a result of the Democrats’ pro-crime policies.

When local businesses shut down, law-abiding citizens in the community don’t have anywhere nearby to get everyday needs like hygiene products and fresh produce.

The radicals do not care at all about the people who suffer the consequences of their ideology.

For example, the “defund the police” rhetoric led to increased violence, which did not fall on the media or the politicians.

For years, Democrats have pretended like Antifa and Black Lives Matter were not radical groups.

But they have been caught on camera numerous times either advocating for violence, or engaging in violence.

The Amir Locke saga is merely the Left’s latest attempt to make political hay.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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