Washington, D.C.’s Leftist Mayor got caught red-handed lying all while she shows us again that its “rules for thee and not for me”

The Left has taken every chance they can get during this pandemic to grow their power over Americans.

But every day it seems like a new leftist politician demands that everyone follow their rules or else pay the price.

And Washington, D.C.’s Leftist Mayor got caught red-handed lying all while she shows us again that its “rules for thee and not for me.”

The main thing spreading like wildfire across America isn’t the coronavirus’ delta variant, but the power of the government to dictate what individuals can and can’t do.

Leftists and unelected bureaucrats just love to tell Americans how to live their lives.

Just over the past year they have put unimaginable restrictions on individuals.

First they demanded that mom and pop shops close up their businesses and for millions to lose their jobs while allowing major corporations to remain open.

Then they force everyone to wear a useless Chinese mask in public to stop the spread of a virus that originated in China.

And they have forced children to go without an education that is fundamental for their future.

But nearly a year of suffering was not enough for power hungry leaders.

Now they want everyone to do it all over again.

Muriel Bowser, the Mayor of Washington, D.C., just recently implemented an order to force all vaccinated and unvaccinated citizens to wear a mask while inside of public spaces.

But there is only one problem with her order.

She refuses to follow it herself.

Bowser was caught recently at an indoor wedding reception without a mask.

And when she was confronted about her violation of her own order she ran away from reporters.

But then Bowser’s office stated upon further questioning that she actually was in “compliance with the mandate.”

But that’s not what the pictures show happened.

Take a look for yourself below and determine if she is guilty of violating her own order.

It seems like another classic leftist case of “rules for thee and not for me.”


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