Voters think Biden is a failure even in this deep blue state

Joe Biden assumed the Presidency with modestly successful approval ratings.

But after a disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, the worst inflation in forty years, skyrocketing gas prices, and COVID vaccination mandates so overreaching that they were slapped down by the Supreme Court have all combined to send the President’s approval rating plummeting.

Now new polling shows that voters think Biden is a failure even in this deep blue state.

A Siena poll released on Monday asked New Yorkers, “How would you rate the job that Joe Biden is doing as President? Would you rate it as excellent, good, fair, or poor?”

A definitive majority of 63% of voters say that Biden is only doing a fair or poor job and fully 38% rate Biden’s approval poorly – even in solid blue New York.

Republicans, as expected, disapprove of Biden’s job performance, but the margins are astounding as 86% of Empire State GOP voters give the President a thumbs down.

Worse still, Independents are siding with Republicans, and disapprove of the job Biden is doing by fully 22%.

Biden’s inability to appeal to voters in New York is a bad omen for Democrats nationally this Fall.

If Democrats are barely breaking even in one of their best states how can they expect to hold onto their slim majorities?

Political handicapper Charlie Cook of The Cook Political Report makes the case that the Democrats’ majority is very much in danger, even though the party was able to avoid a worst case scenario in Congressional reapportionment.

According to Cook, “The overall political environment, including Biden’s low job-approval ratings and a big disparity in enthusiasm levels between more-energized Republicans and more-lethargic Democrats, continue to be much greater threats [than losses from redistricting]. The potential for a wave election has nothing to do with ink on a map and everything to do with voters’ broader concerns. My experience has been that in wave years, the number of losses for the disadvantaged party almost always ends up larger than if one simply takes a pencil to paper and counts up which seats may flip.”

Indeed, history has borne this out.

Before the 1994 Congressional midterm elections, there didn’t appear to be 40 Democrat-held seats that were seriously endangered, but in an election nationalized by liberal overreach on gun control and voter anger over banking scandals, Republicans showed up to vote in droves, allowing Newt Gingrich to become the first Republican Speaker of the House in over 40 years.

The election isn’t over until November but it seems like Democrats are making the same mistakes they did a quarter-century ago, and since by all accounts they haven’t learned from their history they may well be doomed to repeat it.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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