Virginia parents say “Enough!” to one woke government school policy

Insufferable wokeness has gradually attached itself to every institution interconnected with the government.

Sadly, this often includes government-run school systems.

Now Virginia parents are saying “Enough!” to one woke government school policy.

The Fairfax County School Board is debating proposed handbook changes that could suspend students as young as fourth grade for “malicious misgendering.”

In response, Virginia parents are holding a rally today to oppose this lunacy.

According to a copy of the new Student Rights and Responsibilities handbook, Fairfax County Public Schools could suspend for a week students who engage in “malicious deadnaming” or use slurs based on “gender identity,” “gender expression,” and “sexual orientation.”  

Parents opposing this change in policy will protest in front of the elementary school where the school board will meet to vote this evening. 

Parents say they simply want to put their child’s education first, rather than this bizarre new woke orthodoxy.

Jeff Hoffman, a father of three, says, “The school board is prioritizing these types of initiatives versus focusing on what parents would expect: recovering from learning loss, home/virtual schooling, and getting our kids back into the classroom, post-COVID.”

The vote has parents opposing the heavy-handed tactics of public school officials. 

Doing the bidding of radical teachers unions and left-wing activist groups, school boards nationwide have implemented policies to encourage the expression of sexual orientation and gender identity in the classroom, often without parental consent.

The vote on the handbook changes was originally scheduled for May but was put off after a conservative legal group sent a letter to board members and the county chairman warning that the new student rules may be unconstitutional.

America First Legal Foundation senior adviser Ian Prior said the group will monitor whether the school approves the rules.

Prior said, “Fairfax County Public Schools’ amendments increasing punishment for children as young as 8-years old for misgendering other students creates a completely subjective disciplinary regime that is vague, overbroad, and threatens the constitutional rights of students and parents.”

Parents asked the school board to host an in-person forum on the proposed handbook before the vote, but their requests were ignored. 

This isn’t the first controversy surrounding Virginia public schools.

Last November, Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin defied political odds in a state President Biden carried by ten points a year earlier to become Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

The issue of parents’ rights to have a say in the public school curriculum, after divisive racialist indoctrination was brought to light, was widely credited as being a major issue that resonated with voters.

The far-left and radical teachers unions’ preferred education policies will play prominently in the November elections nationwide.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story. 


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