Video of alleged car booster’s crash will leave you utterly speechless

Democrat-run major cities are in decline.

Crime is running rampant and leadership has done little to address the problem.

And one disturbing car crash video will leave you utterly speechless.

Democratic leadership has failed in many cities around the country.

Baltimore, Maryland is one tragic example of left-wing policies run amok.

The problems of the city were put on display in the groundbreaking HBO series The Wire, and the problems detailed in the show exist today.

Thus far in 2023, there already have been 53 cases of auto theft in the city, and one such incident turned deadly.

Car theft turned deadly for innocent bystander

While fleeing from the police in a high-speed chase, a car thief plowed into a pedestrian and crashed into a building.

Five people were injured and 54-year-old pedestrian Alfred Fincher was killed in the incident.

High-speed pursuits have become so commonplace across the country that police departments are beginning to change their policies because of the risk to innocent bystanders like Fincher.

Former police officer Melissa Pinkelton said in an interview, “If it’s for a traffic infraction, a property crime in general, that should not even turn into a pursuit.”

The current rules of engagement for Baltimore police state that cops should not pursue if the car theft is the initial crime.

In other words, auto theft is only a priority if it occurs in the commission of a more serious felony.

Police cam footage of the incident reveals that an officer over the radio can be heard telling the pursuing officers, “Just let it go, guys.”

This is the sad state of play in major American cities.

Car thieves are supposed to be allowed to get away.

Problems run deep in Baltimore

Baltimore has been hit with several public scandals including corruption at the highest levels.

Most recently, the city was in the news for its massive failures in the realm of public education.

A recent study showed that 23 Baltimore schools had zero students that were proficient in math.

The reading numbers are not any better.

Public schools are churning out kids that are illiterate and innumerate, yet the teachers’ unions push for more funding.

The problems of Baltimore can be found in many Democrat-run cities across the country that engage in pro-crime policies.

People only notice when horrific incidents like that deadly crash occur. 

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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