Urbanites are sick and tired of one growing crisis that’s wreaking havoc on their daily lives

Democrats are adopting more radical policies and the outcome has been a train wreck.

Bad governance is one of the reasons that Republicans are poised for a red wave in 2022.

Now urbanites are sick and tired of one growing crisis that’s wreaking havoc on their daily lives.

Los Angeles is currently suffering under the regime of district attorney George Gascón.

One of many George Soros-backed progressive prosecutors scattered around the country, Gascón is more concerned with decarceration than actual public safety.

And even leftists in the city are getting fed up with it.

Residents in the posh neighborhood of Beverly Hills are arming themselves after a spate of violent crimes.

The New York Post reports:

“According to LA County Sheriff Alejandro Villanueva, the department has received 8,105 concealed carry weapon applications and approved 2,102 of them since he took office in December 2018, compared to his predecessor having issued 194 permits in four years.”

“Even hardcore leftist Democrats who said to me in the past, ‘I’ll never own a gun’ are calling me asking about firearms,” said Joel Glucksman, a private security executive. “I’d say there has been an increase of 80 percent in the number of requests I’m getting this year.”

Gun sales have hit record highs each of the past two years.

While unhinged Democrat politicians push for defunding the police and soft-on-crime policies, first-time gun owners are availing themselves of their Second Amendment rights.

Beverly Hills resident Debbie Mizrahie said:

“I’ve always been anti-gun . . . But I am right now in the process of getting myself shooting lessons because I now understand that there may be a need for me to know how to defend myself and my family. We’re living in fear.”

The Black Lives Matter riots of 2020 were a wake-up call for Mizrahie when a Molotov cocktail exploded near her home.

She recounted:

“My kids were outside and they saw a huge explosion…[The neighbor’s] backyard went up in smoke. Trees burned down . . . But it’s only gotten worse. Beverly Hills has been targeted.”

Leftists in Los Angeles are being mugged by reality.

They have been insulated from the ramifications of their own ideology, but that is no longer the case.

An anonymous entertainment writer told the Post:

“My industry is filled with progressives who have the luxury of being idealists and espousing philosophies they thought would never come back and bite them . . . There’s a shift now that it’s become so much more dangerous.”

If leftists in Beverly Hills are seeing what’s going on and arming themselves, that’s a clear sign that Democrats’ radical policies are an utter failure.

The high-minded ideals of the Left don’t mean anything if people are afraid both inside and outside their homes.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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