University tried to recruit ‘Jussie Smolletts’ and it’s not going well

Creating racialist controversy where there is none seems to be a big business these days.

In a highly sensitive political climate it can garner notoriety, but it can also backfire.

Now a university tried to recruit ‘Jussie Smolletts’ and it’s not going well.

California State University Monterey Bay has encouraged students to tell on professors for showing ‘racism’ if they aren’t called on “consistently.”

The University is working overtime to sniff out all racism, real or imagined.

“Race-related stress” even if you are mistaken that a racist act occurred

The California University Monterey Bay webpage says, “Race-related stress refers to the psychological distress associated with the experiences of racism. It is important to understand that you can experience race-related stress even if you are mistaken that a racist act occurred. Race-related stress reactions require only that a person believes they were the target of racism. Document acts of racism or intolerance. Don’t ignore or minimize your experiences, and think broadly about what could be an act of racism. It doesn’t have to be an overt act (e.g., professor consistently not calling on you or minimizing your contributions, curriculum racially biased, etc). Talk to someone you trust, and report it.”

But fortunately, in a hopeful sign for the future of this country, not every twenty-year old subscribes to the idea that everything ought to be viewed through a racial lens.

Campus Reform correspondents Courtney McLain and Darryl Boyer are determined to stand against the relentless wokeism that has taken hold in the realm of education.

Daryl Boyer said, “I believe when Francis Bellamy wrote One Nation under God, Indivisible, we oftentimes overlook that word indivisible. We must stop dividing our nation and come together as one… I spent a considerable amount of time in higher education. I spent my undergrad at the University of North Florida. Now I’m at Florida State University working on my graduate degree, and I’ve never felt like I’ve been discriminated against based on the color of my skin. And it just really makes me feel dehumanized when people can be able to tell on their professor for racism. That really takes away the credibility for when things like that may really be happening.”

“We’re seeing this in more and more schools across the country”

Courtney McLain, a student at the University of Central Florida, has big concerns about these policies, saying, “I am seeing more and more of this diversity, equity and inclusion being forced by my school, and I’m frustrated because I feel like I’m not learning as much academically as I could because we’re putting so much money into this. We’re seeing this in more and more schools across the country, that these students are just being believed automatically, which worries me because when I need to go to my administration about a problem, they don’t want to believe me, since sometimes these students are actually saying things that are incredible.”

The move on this campus could encourage Jussie Smollett style hoaxes in retaliation against professors who simply give students the grades they deserve.

These students and those of similar mind have a chance to really make a difference by shining a light on practices on campuses nationwide that would have seemed extreme just several years ago.

Here’s to wishing them the best of luck.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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