Unhinged college activists shut down one organization for a disturbing reason

Wokeness is a plague that has been unleashed on American culture.

And it all started on university campuses.

Now unhinged college activists shut down one organization for a disturbing reason.

Elite universities are some of the most corrupted in terms of far-left indoctrination.

That’s why it’s no surprise that law students at Yale shut down, ironically, a bipartisan free speech panel that included the conservative Alliance Defending Freedom.

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), an organization that vigorously defends speech rights of people on both the Left and the Right, reported that “speakers from the American Humanist Association and Alliance Defending Freedom visited Yale Law School for a panel discussion on civil liberties hosted by the Federalist Society student chapter. As the panelists began speaking, protestors opposed to ADF chanted, yelled, clapped, stomped, and pounded on the walls to prevent audience members from hearing the speakers throughout the event. Yale administrators and police officers did little to stop the disruption . . . FIRE wrote to Yale calling for the university to ensure that students can host expressive events free from severe disruptions.”

One of the woke Yale zombies shrieked at an ADF representative, “I will literally fight you, bitch!”

After the event, 416 Yale law students signed a letter to the administration that read, “We write as a coalition of queer students and allies deeply concerned with the presence of armed police at a peaceful protest of law students on campus this past Thursday . . . Understandably, a large swath of YLS students felt that FedSoc’s decision to lend legitimacy to this hate group by inviting its general counsel to speak at YLS profoundly undermined our community’s values of equity and inclusivity at a time when LGBTQ youth are actively under attack in Texas, Florida, and other states. An organic student protest emerged, and, instead of listening to student concerns, faculty told peaceful student protesters to ‘grow up,’ and the speaker from ADF told students that our protest did not reflect the ‘civility’ of the legal profession – a profession that has historically sidelined LGBTQ attorneys.”

So even though they attended and disrupted an event, the radical students portrayed themselves as the victims.

It’s disturbing to consider that these students represent the next batch of lawyers, judges, educators, and politicians.

Conservatives and moderate liberals thought these kids would grow out of this phase once they entered the “real world,” but instead they have transformed every walk of life into the university campus.

Yale was also the location of the embarrassing Halloween costume “scandal” that occurred in 2015 when students whined to administrators and faculty that the school dismissed their concerns about a lack of Halloween dress codes.

That’s right – students were upset that there were no official rules regulating costumes.

Radical activists are turning future generations into mindless zombies, and it’s long past time to push back.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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