Unemployment is worse than anyone wants to admit in these blue states

Biden’s report card is in – you won’t believe how poorly he delivered on job creation.

And voters in his most powerful voting blocs are likely suffering the most from his disastrous economic policies.

Now those in blue states are looking forward to a Christmas that’s likely to be anything but merry.

A new jobs created report shows the US added only 210,000 jobs instead of the expected 500,000.

That’s a mere 42% of what was needed to get the economy fully up and running as part of the pandemic recovery process.

But what nobody’s talking about is how much families in blue states are hurting.

Back in August, a blog dedicated to unemployment crunched the numbers and found that “blue state unemployment is 33.33% higher than red states.”

You’d think that would be a big deal – especially since most major media outlets are based in blue states.

No doubt, it would have been had Donald Trump been in charge.

Based on October Bureau of Labor statistics, the states with lowest unemployment rates are Nebraska (1.9%), Utah (2.2%), Oklahoma (2.7%), Idaho (2.8%), and South Dakota (2.8%).

Those with the highest unemployment rates include Nevada (7.3%), California (7.3%), New Jersey (7%), New York (6.9%), and New Mexico (6.5%).

While the construction industry is booming in many red states to accommodate people fleeing draconian pandemic mandates and high taxes, urban centers are taking a major hit.

One big reason the most recent jobs report was a huge disappointment is that the retail sector is struggling mightily.

Not only was Black Friday a flop, retail employment was down by about 24,000 jobs in a month that usually sees a spike due to Christmas shopping.

No doubt, spending a day out shopping while masked and questioned about vaccine status has taken the leisure out of shopping.

And, based on the numbers, it seems this year a lot of people are choosing to stay home and not spend money they don’t have.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could convince members of Congress to do the same thing?

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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