Two police officers were ambushed while trying to do their jobs in this major city

After years of violent and careless anti-police rhetoric from the Left, more cops are dying in the line of duty. 

Just about every day you hear about a police officer who is forced to leave their family behind after being gunned down by some thug that should be in jail in the first place. 

But this ongoing problem just boiled over in this violent city after two police officers were gunned down for simply responding to a call. 

Without law enforcement officers, America’s streets would be unrecognizable. 

These brave men and women put their lives on the line to make sure the public is safe and happy. 

But over the last several years the radical Left has launched a full-out war on cops everywhere. 

Not only do leftists chant horrific anti-police slogans at their political events such as “all cops are bastards” but they have been caught vandalizing memorials for cops killed in the line of duty. 

Even worse, more cops are being killed on duty now than any time in recent memory.  

Criminals feel like they can assault or kill law enforcement officers without penalty. 

They feel this way because the Left has emboldened them.  

As a result, fewer cops than ever want to join the force and many major cities are having major shortages of police officers. 

And when the crime rates go up, these leftists scratch their heads and wonder what could have possibly caused it. 

One city that has seen an explosion in crime is Los Angeles, America’s second most populated city. 

Per LAPD data, homicide has gone up by 52% in just the last couple of years and is only expected to go up. 

Police officers have been demonized in this major city, and after being defunded in 2020, are struggling to keep up with crime. 

A horrific example of Los Angeles’ out-of-control crime happened just this week when two officers responded to an alleged stabbing. 

When they arrived on the scene and kicked the door down of the motel room where the stabbing allegedly occurred they were shot and killed. 

The suspect, a career criminal, was also shot and killed.  

There is no good reason why this violent thug was out on the streets in the first place. 

The radical Left, and the people who are running LA and the rest of America into the ground have blood on their hands. 

As a direct result of years of Democrats’ pro-crime policies and anti-cop rhetoric, two more officers will never be able to see their families again. 

Los Angeles needs to seriously rethink their “woke” criminal justice system or else brazen murders like this will keep happening. 

Perhaps they should take a page out of San Francisco’s playbook, as San Francisco just recalled their pro-crime DA. 

If San Francisco can remove an extreme left-wing DA, then any city can. 

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story. 




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