Tulsi Gabbard’s home state just declared war on California

Skyrocketing inflation continues to drive up poverty rates throughout America—especially in blue cities. 

Now, the blue state battles are amping up as the Democrats hatch plans to export the problems they’ve created. 

And Tulsi Gabbard’s home state just declared war on California.

Democrats spend way too much time waxing eloquent about providing “sanctuary” and services for the poor. 

But when the rubber meets the road—everything falls apart fast. 

Now Hawaii is planning to amp up its efforts to ship homeless people back to the mainland. 

The strong atmospheric river known as the “Pineapple Express”  brings tropical moisture from Hawaii to the US West Coast.

But the “Left Coast” of the US could be about to get walloped not by rain clouds but transients of a different sort coming from Hawaii.

And it’s a kind the Golden State is already awash in – homeless people.

According to local news outlet KITV, state lawmakers are kicking around the idea of dropping $100,000 shipping the homeless back to the mainland. 

It’s an effort to save the state millions in welfare services in the long run. 

The “Pineapple Express” is about to pick up and rain homeless on the mainland 

This isn’t a new idea for the island government, in fact it’s a strategy employed since 2014. 

Over the years, the state has discovered that about four percent of those they ship out for free end up returning. 

While a big percentage of Hawaii’s homeless population likely came via California, New York City has actually been handing out free tickets to Hawaii.

Back in 2019 the New York Post reported that the Big Apple was shipping homeless people to Hawaii along with several other states in a bid to rid themselves of problematic elements on the streets. 

No doubt, the shuffle will ultimately end up landing even more homeless in California. 

The Golden State is already home to more than 30% of the US homeless population. 

This spring Newsom announced that he’s planning to drop one billion dollars dealing with the homeless problem in California. 

His plan includes paying for 1,200 small homes. 

But that’s becoming increasingly difficult to pull off as businesses and middle-class families flee blue states in favor of areas with lower taxes and less government overreach. 

As of January this year, Newsom predicted that the state will be underwater by $22.5 billion this year alone. 

At this point Democrats have themselves running in circles trying to pretend their Socialist policies work. 

The reality is that while Democrats like to pretend they are the compassionate party, the truth is that they can’t even begin to afford to make good on their outlandish promises. 

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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