Tulsi Gabbard just unloaded on Leftist Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot for being one of the biggest racists of them all

Leftists are always eager to label everyone else a racist whenever they get the chance.

And all while their own racist acts go unnoticed.

But Tulsi Gabbard just unloaded on Leftist Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot for being one of the biggest racist of them all.

The Left has many tricks up their sleeves they pull out to destroy their political enemies.

And one of their favorite go-tos is labeling everyone but themselves racist.

Just look back at every Presidential election this century.

The Fake News Media and the Left have made every attempt to tarnish the Republican nominee as just a big racist.

Everyone from Trump to Romney was hit with the racist card.

And while they scream from the mountain tops about racism, they end up being some of the main actors pushing for discrimination.

Just look at the Left’s latest pet project in infiltrating our schools with Critical Race Theory.

One of the recurring themes associated with Critical Race Theory is the concept of being anti-white.

But even one of the biggest politicians in the Left’s living hellhole of Chicago has shown herself to be nothing more than just a big racist.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot announced last week that she was only going to give upcoming in-person interviews to those reporters who are not white.

And her move has drawn criticism from the Republicans but Democrats have been noticeably silent.

Well, Democrat Tulsi Gabbard finally broke her silence on the matter and went right at Lightfoot for being nothing more than just an anti-white racist.

Tulsi tweeted out, “Mayor Lightfoot’s blatant anti-white racism is abhorrent. I call upon President Biden, Kamala Harris, and other leaders of our country – of all races – to join me in calling for Mayor Lightfoot’s resignation. Our leaders must condemn all racism, including anti-white.”

And Tulsi is right.

Can you imagine the backlash if a prominent Republican politician decided to only take interviews from white reporters.

But the sad thing is we all know that Lightfoot’s racist actions won’t matter as leftists will turn a blind eye and vote for her again.

They could care less if Chicago, and Illinois for that matter, is becoming a hellhole.


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