Trump rape trial went off the rails after video of E. Jean Carroll left the Never-Trumper backed accuser totally exposed

Coastal elites are hell-bent on stopping Donald Trump from getting anywhere near the levers of power ever again.

Trump’s enemies are going scorched earth in their multi-pronged war against the former President in New York courts.

But the Trump rape trial went off the rails after video of E. Jean Carroll left the Never-Trumper backed accuser totally exposed.

The strategy of the establishment has been simple: destroy Donald Trump by any means necessary.

Never-Trumpers aren’t placing all their bets on Alvin Bragg.

They’re plotting to take down Trump with another New York jury in a civil suit brought by writer E. Jean Carroll.

Never-Trumpers are plotting to take down Donald Trump with one ridiculous lawsuit

The lawsuit targets Trump over an alleged rape in the 1990s.

But Carroll could not remember exactly when the incident happened and she did not tell anyone at the time.

Left-wing media put her on television when she first made the allegation back in 2019 despite her dubious account and the statute of limitations having long since expired on the alleged assault.

Carroll sat for a disastrous interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper in 2019.

It was so bad, the media dropped the whole affair almost immediately after Carroll said that rape was “sexy,” prompting a flustered Cooper to quickly go to a commercial break.

But billionaire tech entrepreneur Reid Hoffman, founder of LinkedIn, refuses to let the ordeal die.

Hoffman has been bankrolling Carroll’s legal team, and the theory is that a heavily Democratic Manhattan jury will rule against Trump irrespective of the evidence, or lack thereof.

Carroll claims that Trump raped her in a Bergdorf Goodman department store, which coincidentally was the plot of a Law & Order: SVU episode in 2012.

Carroll’s attorney Shawn Crowley claimed during opening statements that “she wants to get her life back.”

He added that Donald Trump assaulted her in 1996 and defamed her when she said she made it up.”

Crowley claimed that Carroll and Trump engaged in “playful banter” but the encounter took a “dark turn” when Trump “seized” her and “forced her up against a dressing room wall, pinned her in place with his shoulder, and raped her.”

Crowley said, “The truth is she didn’t see him as a threat that day, but she was wrong.”

Trump attorney Joe Tacopina countered by asking the jury, “Do you believe the unbelievable? … The evidence will show you that what she is doing is an affront to justice. She is doing this for money, political reasons and status. And in doing so she is minimizing true rape victims and destroying their pain and capitalizing on them…You should not let her profit from this.”

Trump has consistently denied the allegations and called the entire fiasco “a con job” and “a complete scam.”

Despite the obvious red flags, a Manhattan jury cannot be trusted to treat Trump fairly.

Any judgment in Carroll’s favor will give Trump’s enemies the veneer of credibility to slander him as a rapist without violating defamation laws.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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