This top Republican Congressman made a powerful case against woke indoctrination in schools

Woke ideology is poisoning the education system in this country.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis spoke out against Critical Race Theory, infuriating the far-left, and ultra-radicals launched a misinformation campaign claiming that he was banning math.

But this top Republican Congressman just made a powerful case against woke indoctrination in schools.

Florida Congressman Byron Donalds held a hearing with educators about the topic and why it’s concerning for parents.

At any other point in our nation’s history, Donalds’ stance would be not at all controversial.

At the hearing, Donalds cites examples from Florida textbooks where math questions based on data from graphs and charts talking about implicit racial bias were to be put before middle school students, before Governor DeSantis put a stop to it.

Donalds then asks incredulously, “Should these questions about racial bias be included in these textbooks not just for children in the state of Florida but for any state in the union?”

He didn’t win over all of those in attendance but one of the panelists, to her credit, sided with Donalds, saying, “I saw this graph and I found it surprising and frankly inappropriate for a math textbook. I thought there was a risk that this was going to stoke division, detract from the lesson. Could this chart have been modified or changed? Were the processes followed? I understand what you’re saying. We’re all concerned about a polarized environment. We’re concerned about keeping kids focused on learning and achievement and something that risks detracting from there I don’t think belongs there.”

At the end of his allotted time, Donalds said, “I have young sons. My fourteen year-old is sitting behind me now and I have a ten year-old son. I don’t want children having their attention distracted from actual learning. If we’re going to talk about history, let’s talk about history. But if we’re going to bring in subjective material into the classroom, that is the problem that has some parents upset in the United States. That is the concern that we have. This is not a free speech issue. Students are a captive audience. They don’t get to leave. Adults, we can walk out any time we want to. The kids cannot. That’s why this is such an important discussion to be had.”

Donalds is exactly right here.

You can always tell when the far-left is losing an argument when they evade the issue at hand.

DeSantis isn’t trying to “ban math” as any more than the bill his detractors derided as “Don’t say gay” has anything whatsoever to do with “othering” the LGBT community.

Middle schoolers don’t need anti-American Critical Race Theory in math textbooks and kindergartners don’t need lessons on gender identity.


That these kinds of things even need to be pointed out is nothing less than a damning indictment of just how radical the far-left has become, and they will pay for it when a political wave sweeps them from power in November.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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