This top Conservative just got smacked with a chilling threat in Ilhan Omar’s home state

Democrats and their media allies claim to care about extremism, yet Antifa lobs threats and attacks with near-impunity.

No one seems immune if they come onto their radar.

And one “chapter” just launched a chilling threat at a top conservative in Ilhan Omar’s home state.

Dr. Jordan Peterson has been targeted for destruction.

Ever since Peterson, Dr. Gad Saad, and other free-speech defenders opposed Bill C-16 in Canada, leftist have targeted them with harassment, smears, and mocks, Peterson specifically.

Bill C-16 effectively said that “misgendering” someone could result in a fine, and any government penalty can escalate to imprisonment.

In other words, Canada was enforcing compelled speech, which was a bright red line in the sand for Peterson.

As a result, he became internationally renowned for making his stand.

Now his refusal to back down has sparked even more vitriol in Ilhan Omar’s home state.

Jordan Peterson allegedly threatened by Antifa-linked Minnesota group

The Antifa-affiliated group MnUprising reportedly threatened violence at a Peterson event in Minnesota.

The group excoriated Peterson as a “transphobic, alt-right mouthpiece who should be afraid to show his face,” in a now-removed Twitter post, according to independent journalist Andy Ngo.

“Far-left Minneapolis group @MnUrising is inciting violence against @jordanbpeterson’s events on Feb. 7–8. The group says he ‘should be afraid to show his face’ & calls for people to show up, conceal their identities & be ‘dangerous,’” Ngo wrote in another mysteriously-removed post that included screenshots of two tweets reportedly from MnUprising.

In the second of the two tweets allegedly from MnUprising shown by Ngo, the group wrote, “F*ck Alito, and f*ck the Supreme Court! Abolish all courts, and terrorize your oppressor. The answer will never be voting, the answer is decolonizing the land and the womb!”

One hopes such evidently blatant calls for violence like this will draw an FBI investigation.

Especially when federal officials in the Biden administration have gone out of their way to label anyone who expresses right-wing, anti-government sentiments as potential violent extremist terrorists.

Apparent double standards

Activists from the Left went berserk on the issue of abortion when Justice Samuel Alito’s draft opinion in the Dobbs decision leaked.

An Antifa-linked group called ShutDownDC reportedly put what amounts to a bounty out on Justice Brett Kavanaugh, offering cash for people to give up his whereabouts in the D.C. area.

And crisis pregnancy centers and churches have been vandalized and firebombed by the dozen since Dobbs.

This isn’t the first time Peterson has been protested and threatened.

During one event at Queen’s University in 2018, protestors banged on the stained glass windows of a church until they broke.

Far-left threats of violence have become so commonplace, they don’t even register.

Herbert Marcuse, a neo-Marxist thought leader of the 1960s, said that all movements from the Left must be tolerated, and all movements from the Right must not be tolerated.

Maybe that explains why psychology professors are threatened with violence and organized leftists seem to be permitted to do it without repercussions.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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