This NY councilman switched parties for one stunning reason

Absolute lunatics on the far left have hijacked the Democrat party.

In the process, they’ve taken a bad platform and made it downright dangerous.

Now a New York councilman has switched parties for one stunning reason.

Big blue cities are going downhill fast.

With pro-crime district attorneys running the show, they’re becoming increasingly dangerous by the day.

Now it’s gotten so bad a councilman from Brooklyn has announced that he’s ditching the Democrats and joining the GOP.

“The Democratic Party in New York was moving to [the] left at such a speed I couldn’t keep up,” Ari Kagan explained. “It’s not me leaving the Democratic Party, the Democratic Party very quickly started to leave me.”

Kagan cited rising crime as the motive behind his decision to jump parties.

“Every month I found myself, like, ‘What am I doing in the Democratic Party?’” he added. “In my own district, in southern Brooklyn, everywhere I knocked [on] the doors people saying ‘When are you switching to the Republican Party?’”

And he’s not just switching parties, but aggressively going after his old buddy Councilman Justin Brannan.

Now that they’re in two different parties they’ll face off thanks to redistricting.

So far, they’ve already jumped into a Twitter feud with the two firing old tweets back and forth at each other showing mutual endorsement and hinting at broken promises to voters.

Just going through some old photos Brannan wrote on a Tweet showing Kagan holding a “re-elect councilman Justin Brannan” sign.

Kagan fired back tweeting, “I also keep some old pictures and more.”

The old Twitter exchange he shared included an endorsement Brandon made of Kagan in 2021.

“I know Ari will work with me in the council to be a strong voice for the outer boroughs and to fight for our community, especially as we demand a fair recovery that uplifts southern Brooklyn families and small businesses who seem to be left out,” the endorsement read.

However, the Democrat’s entire platform is currently set against that promise with out-of-control crime making communities more dangerous while rampant theft cripples small businesses.

While New York has been a true blue state for ages, there’s every reason to believe times are changing.

As crime and inflation take a toll on ordinary Americans, Kagan isn’t the only New Yorker tempted to join the Grand Old Party.

Even Governor Kathy Hochul, a Democrat, only won in a single part of Brannan’s district.

It’s unlikely New York is going to flip red anytime soon, but Democrats are certainly pushing many of their party faithful to a breaking point.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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