This new Walmart attempt to combat crime is a harsh view into the future of shopping

Violent crime is surging to epidemic proportions in America’s bluest cities.

Meanwhile, theft is getting so bad it’s driving major storefronts out of those same cities. 

But now Walmart is unveiling its latest attempt to combat rampant theft – however, its new method is giving customers a scary glimpse into the future of shopping. 

The results of Democrats’ soft-on-crime policies

American families have been forced to survive surging crime rates during Joe Biden’s first term as President of the United States.

Nationwide statistics for 2022 likely won’t be made available until later this month, but according to FBI data, violent crime rates in almost every category were up sharply in 2021 compared to pre-COVID numbers in 2019 – as high as a 30% increase in some categories and roughly 5% higher overall.

And the burden has fallen hardest on law abiding citizens living in the blue urban areas run by so-called “social justice” Democrats.

New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, St. Louis, New Orleans, Washington, D.C. – anywhere you find a George Soros-funded District Attorney, violent crime is rampaging.

And not just violent crime, those same DAs are turning a blind eye to shoplifting sprees that are crippling communities. 

In major metropolitan areas, some of the biggest brick and mortar shops are closing their doors and leaving town because the runaway theft is making the business unprofitable. 

Criminals get creative at Atlanta-area Walmart

One example happened to the biggest retailer in the biggest city in the southeast. 

The Vine City Walmart in Atlanta, Georgia shutdown last year, after not only rampant theft from the superstore, but also an arson attempt to burn the building down. 

The Walmart doors aren’t staying closed, as Rough Draft Atlanta is reporting retail giant is planning to reopen the shop in May of next year. 

In fact, that was the second arson attempt on the store last year alone. 

Investigators say the arson attempts were meant as a distraction so a team of thieves could steal a hue haul of stolen goods. 

However, the report includes one eye-catching change to the shopping experience that may serve as a crystal ball to what shoppers can anticipate in the future nationwide amid a crime wave caused by Democrats’ criminal-friendly policies.

Walmart’s new police station

According to Rough Draft Atlanta, when the Vine City Walmart reopens next Spring, there will be a police department in the store. 

The move is meant to deter criminals from ransacking the store aisles. 

The mini-precinct inside Walmart is being called a “police landing space” and will be the first one in any of Walmart’s hundreds of locations across the United States. 

“After talking with the Merchants Association on MLK and Clark University and other people in the neighborhood, folks were saying they want to see more police presence,” said Atlanta’s Democrat Mayor Andre Adams. 

Mayor Adams told Rough Draft Atlanta that he begged Walmart not to leave the Vine City location permanently, claiming it would create a so-called, “food desert” in the area. 

A more effective option to make sure stores don’t flee the city in the face of rampant crime would be to force the city’s DA, Fani Willis to stop her Donald Trump witch hunt and start prosecuting real criminals. 

And if Mayor Adam’s would end the city’s long-held soft-on-crime policies, that might entice more businesses to keep their doors open. 

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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