This major west coast city is proving why defunding the police is a failed idea

One of the first things leftists did during the riots of 2020 was to defund their respective local police departments. 

In fact, “defund the police” became a rallying cry of the Left and as a result, police budgets were slashed from Boston to Los Angeles. 

But this major west coast city is proving why this movement is flawed and making communities much less safe. 

The radical Left has a way of championing slogans that do not translate into any meaningful or logical policy. 

That is because most leftists do not use logic as a guiding light for their public policy crusades, but rather their irrational emotions. 

A prime example was seen in the summer of 2020 following the death of notorious career criminal, George Floyd. 

Leftists across the country lost their absolute minds and began championing ridiculous slogans such as “all cops are bastards,” “defund the police,” or even worse “abolish the police.” 

Unfortunately, many major cities adopted some of these childish demands, often slashing their police budgets to the bare bones. 

One of those cities was the far-left mecca of Seattle, Washington which is often considered to be one of the most far-left cities in America. 

In 2020, Seattle took drastic measures to not only scale back their already overwhelmed police department but also completely change their criminal justice system for the worse.

Most experts believe the city slashed its total police budget by almost 17%, shy of its goal of 50%. 

Now criminals can run around the city of Seattle without any fear of being caught by police.

In fact, it is reported that many rape and murder cases are going uninvestigated due to a lack of resources. 

The people who are bearing this burden are the law-abiding citizens of the city. 

But this defunding of the police is having a much bigger snowball effect than anybody could have imagined. 

It has been reported that not only are major crimes going unsolved but minor crimes such as parking tickets are also being refunded due to the massive exodus of police officers from the force. 

It is estimated that nearly 100,000 parking tickets have been refunded costing the city millions. 

In addition to the tickets, thousands of cars that were impounded by now-retired officers are either being auctioned or dumped. 

Future lawsuits against the city are almost certain to happen, which will cost the city even more money. 

As they say these days, “play stupid games and get stupid prizes.”

The people of Seattle are paying a major price for their brain-dead leftist political projects. 

The streets of this once great city are not safe, and unless the people of Seattle are willing to vote these socialists who are ruining their city out of office, then nothing will change. 

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story. 



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