This major city is trying to clamp down on crime in all the wrong ways

After years of complete and total chaos (not to mention looming elections), it appears as if top Democrat politicians are waking up to the fact that crime is out of control.

Many major cities are starting to reexamine some of the brain-dead policies that were implemented during the riots of 2020 that caused these crime surges in the first place.

But this one major city is clamping down on crime in all of the wrong ways.

Of all of the cities that have seen a spike in crime, New York city is arguably seeing the most severe spike.

This is largely due to the insane, pro-crime policies adopted by communist Mayor Bill de Blasio and the New York government during the race riots of 2020.

De Blasio made it nearly impossible to arrest criminals and put them in jail.

As a result, the streets are in complete and total chaos.

Almost every day in New York you hear about marauding groups of teenagers robbing, beating, and looting stores with no fear of repercussions.

And the subway system?

Forget about it.

The subways have always been disgusting in New York, but now they are unbearable.

Not only are they filthy, but they now serve as mobile homeless shelters.

People are constantly being robbed, sexually assaulted, and murdered on these subways.

At best, people are frequently jumping over the turnstiles and not paying their fare.

As a result, New York’s current Mayor, Eric Adams has promised the unthinkable . . .

He will begin cracking down on crime.

But don’t get too excited because as you can imagine, this crackdown is a complete joke.

An excellent example of why it is a joke came the other day at the busy Broadway Junction station.

A woman was arrested for selling mangoes to busy commuters in need of a quick and healthy snack on the go.

Yes, she was guilty of not having the required permits, but the fact that they arrested her while violent drug addicts ran wild through the city is absolutely ridiculous.

Eric Adam’s reasoning was even more ridiculous.

According to Adams, allowing these fruit vendors may devolve into allowing barbeques on the tracks.

How these are related, nobody knows.

It seems as if Eric Adams is in way over his head with this job.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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