This major city is being terrorized by criminals who benefitted from the Left’s pro-crime policies

Perhaps one of the biggest overreactions during the race riots of 2020 was the call for major cities to practically eliminate bail.

And of course, many municipal governments immediately followed this radical call in the name of “social justice.”

Now this major city is being terrorized by criminals who benefitted from the Left’s pro-crime policies.

Despite being nicknamed the “City of Brotherly Love,” Philadelphia is a crime-infested city, and crime has only gone up over the past year.

A perfect example of the damage social justice movements have caused to Philly are the recent robberies that occurred in City Center.

Three suspects recently robbed a couple while enjoying a night out on the town of their Rolex watch and cell phone right off of their body and drove away.

These suspects were later identified and caught.

But the most aggravating part of this senseless crime is that these suspects were out on bail during the robbery.

To make matters worse, one of them had been arrested twice in the past four months for illegal gun possession and drug dealing.

In the city of Philadelphia, an individual can be released from prison if they can only pay 10% of the bail in cash.

And mind you, bails are being set at record low levels making it more affordable than ever to get out of jail.

Philadelphia needs to change their backwards stance on crime immediately before their entire city succumbs to this sort of violence.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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