This major American city’s public transit crime crisis may be too severe to fix

It’s no secret that our nation has been swept by a deadly crime wave that is causing harm to millions of innocent people.

And this crime can mostly be traced back to the woke changes that were made to the criminal justice system during the riots of 2020.

But this one city, in particular, is seeing a crime wave so severe that it may never be able to recover.

Of all of the cities that have seen crime spikes since the riots of 2020, and there are many, New York City is among the worst.

Make no mistake, New York City and megacities like it have always been infested with crime.

But over the last couple of years, things have gotten so much worse.

These days, it is good practice to avoid the subway whenever possible.

Not only because it smells like weed and piss, but because many of the people lingering on the subway are drugged-up low lives who might snap at any moment.

Things got so disgusting and so bad on the New York City subway systems that the Democrats who (mis)manage the city finally decided to do something about it.

The response, led by New York’s alleged tough-on-crime Mayor Eric Adams, was designed to clean up the subways and other forms of public transit and to uphold the law in these rat-infested, subterranean pits of hell.

And for the most part this program has accomplished absolutely nothing.

In fact, many sources are finding that crime has gotten even worse ever since this program was implemented.

Just the other day, a deranged drug addict attacked a former police officer leaving him with some painful wounds.

And the odds that this scumbag ever gets punished for this senseless attack are next to none given the city’s adoption of Democrats’ pro-crime policies.

The worst of these is bail reform, which basically makes it impossible to keep repeat offenders in prison.

These brain-dead policies have turned New York City into a dangerous war zone.

If New York ever hopes to get a grip on this crime wave they have created, then they need to get serious about prosecuting criminals instead of marching for their justice.

Unfortunately, many more innocent people will become victims of senseless crime before anything like that happens.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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