This insane reaction to anti-mandate protests in Washington, D.C. has to be seen to be believed

Since the onset of COVID, the majority of leftists have fallen in line with every whim of the federal administrative state.

Joe Biden was recently smacked down by the Supreme Court for attempting to enact an unconstitutional mandate that would have forced employees of large corporations into getting a vaccine against their will, or risk being terminated from their jobs.

But some inhabitants of deep blue enclaves have bought into these government edicts with a ferocious zealotry, and that’s why this insane reaction to conservative protests against these vaccine mandates has to be seen to be believed.

You wouldn’t know it by watching network news because nearly the entire industry has devolved into a mouthpiece of propaganda for the secular, progressive Left but there were two major protests in Washington, D.C. over the past few days.

Friday was the annual March For Life.

Sunday was a protest organized by conservatives opposing vaccine mandates.

The second protest was apparently just too much for one woman who didn’t take kindly to folks with opposing points of view spending a day exercising First Amendment rights in the 90%+ Democrat-voting District of Columbia.

The clearly agitated woman indignantly shouted, “My tax dollars are going to the police, to shut down the road, so that these f**king white supremacists can party and have a hell of a time celebrating their loser President.”

The “loser President” she was referring to was Donald Trump, but the protesters weren’t celebrating Trump.

The gathering was to oppose Joe Biden and other Democrats’ vaccine mandates, which happen to be the actual losers, in multiple Circuit courts and the US Supreme Court.

The “white supremacist” who protested against the mandate and happened to capture the woman on video can be seen here, wearing glasses and a blue shirt.

The woman continued, “Go the f*ck home. Stop invading our territory.”

The area she deems “our territory” is our nation’s capital, Washington, D.C., where these vax mandates were enacted by unelected bureaucrats.

Luckily for the conspicuously absent major networks who would have otherwise missed on a big story, the weekend protest was peaceful, and not the CNN “mostly peaceful” kind.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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