This horrific attack in crime-ridden San Francisco will make your blood boil

If isn’t syringes in the streets or homeless encampments under overpasses it’s the never-ending cycle of crime.

Those are the headlines in news stories about this deep blue city, and it all can be traced to the policies of radical leftist political leaders.

Now, this horrific attack in crime-ridden San Francisco will make your blood boil.

Four kids were caught on video over the weekend attacking a 70-year-old woman in a San Francisco complex.

The ungovernable savages kick and punch her numerous times, including in the head.

The video is here, but as a warning, it’s graphic.

The victim had stayed inside for two years over COVID fears before finally emerging on Sunday when the attack occurred.

The woman, identified as Mrs. Ren, doesn’t speak English but said through an interpreter, โ€œYesterday was one of the first days for a long time she went out and this is what happened.โ€

According to Local TV Station ABC-7, โ€œMrs. Ren now hides inside for another reason. She is covered in blankets and bed-ridden from the extreme pain she suffered when approached by four juveniles Sunday evening โ€” who asked her what time it was. She says she said โ€˜5-oโ€™clockโ€™ and then proceeded to show the suspects her watch, since she does not speak any English and was not sure if they understood her. ‘They search my body and I quickly realize theyโ€™re up to no good.’ She says, wincing.โ€

At this time the suspects realized that the woman had something of value โ€“ an iPhone.

When Mrs. Ren refused to give up the phone, that’s when things got worse.

โ€œThey got really mad and pulled me down,โ€ she continued.

Already on the ground, Mrs. Ren is kicked squarely in the face.

โ€œThey used their fist to hit my head multiple times and then they pulled me down and kept kicking me.โ€

The horror doesnโ€™t end there. When Mrs. Ren tries to hide in the hallway, and is unable to close the door โ€“ the suspects return again. Not to steal her watch or earrings, but her keys and to take turns assaulting the terrified senior.

Mrs. Renโ€™s family bravely decided not to stay silent and instead went to the press.

Mrs. Ren’s daughter, Mrs. Zheng said, โ€œI want this story to come out so people know and so for other people to be aware to be safe.โ€

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the city lost 54,813 people, or 6.3% of its population, from July 2020 to July 2021.

With stories like this it’s easy to see why San Francisco is losing population at a rapid rate and there’s little reason to believe that will change any time soon.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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