This George Soros scheme is creating all the havoc you’d expect—and residents in six cities are miserable

Leftists simply can’t stop fiddling with what happens at every level of government.

Now, one George Soros scheme is creating all the havoc you’d expect.

And the results are making residents in six cities miserable.

Crime is on the rise across America—a phenomenon that just happens to have occurred after some major leftist wins in local elections.

Savvy political watchers who know how to trace money through various shell organizations have noticed some striking trends in major cities across the United States.

Billionaire George Soros is one of the most dedicated leftist activists out there—and he has all kinds of ways to spread around his money without making it overly obvious what he’s up to.

Report tracked rising crime in six cities where Soros-supported DAs were elected

But a Daily Caller News Foundation investigation is digging up all kinds of information about the “shell organizations, affiliates, and pass-through committees” the billionaire uses in his endless attempts to sway elections at every level in the United States.

The influence of Soros’ involvement appears to be having a dramatic impact on numerous cities across the country.

According to the Daily Caller “Motor vehicle thefts, homicides or both have surged in Philadelphia, Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas, St. Louis and New York since liberal prosecutors were elected with the help of funding from Soros.”

It seems pro-crime leftist policies are one of the fastest ways to drive a city into the ground.

“Policies of non-prosecution, which a lot of the prosecutors that he’s supported have enacted, certainly contribute to crime, especially to the extent that they are triggered in cases involving repeat violent offenders,” Rafael Mangual told the Daily Caller.

Mangual is the head of Policing and Public Safety Initiative Research at the Manhattan Institute.

That theory is backed up by information collected from numerous legal districts.

While crime skyrocketed in Chicago and Philadelphia, researchers noticed that the story was far different in San Diego.

The comparison between Philadelphia and San Diego is especially useful since the cities are nearly the same size.

In the City of Brotherly Love, incidents of carjacking have more than doubled while homicides are up by about 64%.

Meanwhile, in San Diego, there’s a much healthier respect for the law.

“The difference between those two cities is dramatic. Crime has not gone up in San Diego. Period. Why? Because you have a real prosecutor,” Heritage Foundation Senior Fellow Cully Stimson told the Daily Caller. “And so last year in the city of San Diego, about fifty murders.”

Meanwhile, Philadelphia police investigated a jaw dropping 562 homicides in 2021.

Those watching what’s happening are quick to point out that Soros dropped more than $1 million into the Philadelphia Justice & Public Safety PAC in 2017.

Considering the sudden surge in murders in Philadelphia, it’s obvious District Attorney Larry Krasner hasn’t exactly delivered on safeguarding residents’ safety.

But he certainly is implementing the Left’s pro-crime agenda flawlessly.

Exactly what Soros and his buddies intend to accomplish after they’ve allowed criminals and thugs to take over American cities remains a mystery.

But it’s obvious average Americans will end up paying the price for his unhinged radical ideas.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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