This George Soros backed DA is in deep trouble

A prosecutor who took his pro-crime boss to is laughing all the way to the bank. 

And that stunning news is only the beginning of the story. 

Now one George Soros backed DA is in deep trouble.

Radical pro-crime leftists District Attorneys are taking over America, winning powerful positions in counties all over the United States. 

But the elected DAs—most backed by radical leftist billionaire George Soros—are making plenty of enemies in the process. 

Prosecutors who actually care about the critical role they play in protecting their communities and seeing that justice is done are horrified with new policies being pushed that leave the DA’s office practically advocating for criminals rather than victims.

Back in February of last year that was abundantly clear when the 800 prosecutors making up the County of Los Angeles Association of Deputy District Attorneys (ADDA) overwhelmingly voted to support an effort to kick the DA George Gascon out of office. 

 The ADDA found that 97.7% of prosecutors working for Gascon supported a recall effort. 

“This vote is by those who are intimately familiar with how Mr. Gascón’s policies actually play out on a day-to-day basis,” ADDA President Michele Hanisee told the California Globe. “We believe the vote of our members will resonate with the voters of Los Angeles as they decide whether to recall Gascón from office and restore public safety as the priority of the District Attorney’s office.”

To their shock, Gascon—with a well-funded war chest—managed to survive the recall effort. 

And that’s when things got ugly. 

Gascon allegedly sought payback on underlings in prosecutors office following recall effort

Numerous prosecutors who were especially vocal about their concerns with Gascon’s wild policies say they were subsequently penalized by getting passed up for promotions or even getting demoted. 

Now they’re sorting out the situation in court—and Gascon just suffered a massive blow. 

Following a week-long trial, prosecutor Shaw Randolph was just awarded $1.5 million in damages by a jury. 

“We have a 30-year veteran complaining that there are ethical violations and Marsy’s Law violations, and you have an administration that wants their policies followed no matter what,” one of Randolph’s attorneys, Greg Smith said during his opening statement.

When the dust settled, it’s clear the jury was convinced Gascon was in the wrong. 

“We all know what George Gascón thinks about public service,” Eric Siddall, vice president of the prosecutor’s union noted. “He has called lifelong public servants ‘internal terrorists.’ And he treated them as such. He silenced their voices, he engaged in petty and vindictive acts of retaliation, and rewarded political loyalty instead of competency and professionalism.” 

“Far worse, he did so at the expense of public safety,” Siddal added. “Today, jurors spoke out against Gascón’s incompetence and condemned his illegal machinations.”

Despite the ruling, Gascon’s office has announced that he will be doubling down on controversial staffing decisions. 

Exactly how well that will work out for the embattled DA will depend on the outcome of another 16 lawsuits filed by similarly disgruntled prosecutors in his employ. 

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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