This federal judge’s brutal decision against the Biden administration was too much for one blue state Congressman

Left-leaning federal judges are a dime a dozen and Democrats have gotten used to them rubber stamping their every wish.

So all hell broke loose when a judge slammed the gavel on this Democrat priority.

And his brutal decision against the Biden administration was too much for one blue state Congressman.

Democrat-appointed federal judges never met a Trump executive order they weren’t enthusiastically eager to block.

But they don’t much like when their behavior is thrown right back in their faces when Biden is President.

Now New York Democrat Congressman Mondaire Jones is crying foul after a conservative judge audaciously failed to roll over for the Biden administration.

Jones has his knickers all twisted these days over what he calls Republican-appointed judges’ “unrestrained use of nationwide injunctions” that are holding up Democrat policies.

Jones is livid over Judge Pittman’s ruling against Biden and Democrats’ student debt bailout scheme

In an opinion piece criticizing these judges, Jones chided Trump-appointed federal Texas Judge Mark Pittman’s ruling that President Joe Biden’s plan to cancel student debt was illegal in November.

Pittman’s ruling blocked the scheme until the Supreme Court makes the final ruling on the policy’s legality.

Jones is steamed and thinks that Pittman shouldn’t have the power to affect national policy, saying, “Although the Biden administration has appealed this ruling, its long-overdue student debt relief program will now, at a minimum, be stalled for many months. This begs an important question: How can a lone Trump-appointed judge in Texas, through a single opinion, overturn the Biden administration’s meticulously planned executive order in all 50 states?”

Jones whined that “right-wing litigants” can shop around for certain states like Texas that have a record of conservative rulings to make a decision in favor of their desired outcome, such as blocking Biden’s student debt scheme.

In order to keep power in the hands of lunatic Democrats cloistered near the Capitol, Jones introduced the Injunction Reform Act, which would bar federal courts from issuing nationwide injunctions of federal policies.

Instead he’d circumvent the judiciary process by robbing citizens in the states who are affected by the policies of local hearings, instead granting initial judgment authority to the federal district court in Washington, DC, the DC Circuit Court of Appeals, or the Supreme Court.

Jones wrote, “By making these three courts the only ones that can universally enjoin federal laws, regulations, and executive orders, my bill would vest this authority in the courts best suited to make decisions with national implications — as judged by their jurisprudential history and subject-matter expertise.”

Jones’ short-term memory may be faulty, though to be fair, there’s a chance it’s because of his Party’s preferred policy stances on illegal psychotropic substances.

Just two months into former President Trump’s presidency, a federal judge in Hawaii issued a sweeping freeze of Trump’s executive order hours before it would have temporarily barred the issuance of new visas to citizens of six Muslim-majority countries and suspended the admission of new refugees.

Leftists had no problem shopping around for favorable rulings themselves and this was repeated numerous times over the ensuing years of the Trump presidency.

Jones’ real beef is that Republicans and conservatives have finally wised up to leftists’ actions and have returned fire using the judiciary.

The far-Left has no one to blame but themselves when the “Hawaiian judge” tactic is turned right back on them.

You love to see it.

The Supreme Court is scheduled to hear the challenges to the Biden administration’s student debt scheme next month.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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