This Democrat-run city just committed $4 million of your tax dollars to create a permanent slum downtown

Leftists are busy dismantling American society.

Central planners know absolute control requires complete dependence on them.

And this Democrat-run city just committed $4 million of your tax dollars to create a permanent slum downtown.

During Black Lives Matter riots in 2020, encampments started popping up in blue cities all over the United States.

Now, rather than focusing on creating strong economies to help families thrive, Democrats in Denver are using $4 million in federal taxpayer dollars to make encampments in the city permanent.

The funding is coming through the American Rescue Plan Act.

In a move that’s increasingly common these days, the government is handing the money over to a non-profit organization – which means whatever happens next, nobody will be able to file a Freedom of Information Act request to get all the details on exactly what’s happening behind the scenes.

Homeowners near the encampments are furious they have become prisoners in their own homes with front row seats to watch violent fights and drug use.

“I don’t even like to go outside unless someone is out there with me,” said homeowner Davida Gonzales.

The sanctioned homeless encampment is only 10 feet from her house.

Gonzalez is living through the nightmare Tucker Carlson says was created intentionally as politicians in blue cities across the country reward criminal behavior.

“At every intersection, there are beggars. It’s what we used to imagine India was like, but this is not Calcutta. This is New York and San Francisco and Austin, Texas,” Carlson said. “So the question is what happened? And the short answer is: Our leaders did this. No matter what they tell you, homelessness is not an act of God. It’s not the result of economic collapse in this country. America does not run out of housing.”

Instead, he says, “a determined group of well-funded ideologues decided to make it easier to live on the streets in this country while doing drugs.”

The sudden rise in encampments all over the US happened alongside the rise of the massive Black Lives Matter movement, which was founded by self-described Marxists.

Power-hungry central planners certainly stand a better chance of manipulating the nation into doing whatever they want when huge portions of the population are homeless, completely dependent on government handouts, and as high as a kite.

No doubt, they’ll work just fine as voters programmed to stuff ballot boxes for Democrats.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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