This crazy New York law makes justice impossible to serve in an infuriating instance

Democrats have changed the landscape of law and order in their electoral strongholds – and not for the better.

Their pro-crime policies are causing crime to skyrocket in American cities.

And now this crazy New York law is making justice impossible to serve in an infuriating instance.

New York’s Raise the Age law has completely undermined how the state’s judicial system tries, punishes, deters, instructs, and tracks youth offenders.

The 2017 law delays criminal responsibility for most crimes committed by those under the age of 18. 

A report by the New York City Criminal Justice Agency found that nearly half of 16-year-olds arrested in the first year of Raise the Age were rearrested within 15 months, including more than one-third for committing a felony and more than one-quarter for committing a violent felony. 

All of these numbers are much higher than similar arrests a year earlier before Raise the Age took effect, as are the recidivism rates for 17-year-olds arrested over the same period.

The new policy has created convoluted rules and there is little clarity whether a kid caught with a gun should be classified as a “juvenile delinquent” rather than a “juvenile offender” when he’s old enough to be an “adolescent offender” but is treated as a “youthful offender.”

Two different courts handle offenders charged under the law: the Family Court, which does not impose criminal liability, and the Youth Part, an adult court part that must be presided over by a Family Court judge, and which may impose criminal liability. 

Age significantly influences where one ends up with a very confusing set of flowcharts determining which court is assigned to each respective case.

The end result is that the system ensures inconsistent and bad outcomes.

New York Mayor Eric Adams seeks to dial back Raise the Age and highlighted another problem with the law, saying, “Too many New Yorkers in their late teens and early twenties have abused this change, demanding young people under 18 take the fall for guns that are not truly theirs.”

The law not only encourages gangs to place guns into the hands of its youngest members but also creates a system for handling youth offenders that is so convoluted it makes justice nearly impossible to serve.

As crime rates skyrocket nationwide, the last thing New York needs is more loopholes to invite even more criminal offenses.

Hopefully Mayor Adams is successful, reason prevails, and Raise the Age gets relegated to history.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story. 



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