This Compton hooligans’ “street takeover” ended viciously

Lawlessness has taken over the streets in most major cities.

With cops unable or unwilling to do anything to restore order, criminals feel like they can do whatever the hell they want.

This recent criminal “street takeover” ended viciously for one man though.

A man was nearly beaten to death at a notorious “street takeover” event.

Crime in America has been on the rise for years, but following blue city politicians’ soft-on-crime response to the death of George Floyd, riots ensued.

Cities have largely failed to correct course and crime has gotten way more out of hand.

This is especially evident in many of America’s large cities and urban centers that completely upended their criminal justice systems in 2020 and passed disastrous policies such as bail “reform” and defunding their police.

It’s all led to a lack of policing and an abundance of reckless crime.

In cities like Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles massive mobs are being allowed to run wild on the streets, vandalizing and stealing everything in sight.

The recent trend of so-called “street takeovers” is another dangerous example.

These events—where hoodlums gather at busy intersections to raise hell, doing donuts, and burnouts—aren’t exactly new to the streets of Los Angeles.

But they’ve been on the rise in L.A. and nationwide as young men with extra cash in their pockets, thanks to stimulus checks and the ill-gotten proceeds from smash-and-grab rings and other illicit trades, have plowed those dollars into souping up their rides.

Motorists unlucky enough to be caught at a light when it happens describe it as the intersections going from normal to complete chaos in a matter of seconds.

These street takeovers typically involve loud music, and smoke, noise, and foul odors from spinning tires and the illegal fireworks going off everywhere.

And they often turn violent.

Naturally, these street takeovers are highly illegal, but the police often can’t or won’t do anything about them.

But now there is growing pressure for the police to shut down these free-for-alls after several residents have complained of violent crime breaking out during these takeovers.

A recent “takeover” in Los Angeles’ Compton neighborhood resulted in a man nearly beaten to death.

According to attendees of the street takeover, an unidentified man set off fireworks too close to a group of notorious street thugs which started an altercation.

As you can see from the video, the altercation resulted in the man who set off the fireworks being nearly beaten to death.

This violence could have been completely prevented if police were allowed to do their jobs.

The citizens of Los Angeles and other cities deserve better than to have their intersections overtaken by stupid thugs who just want to drive around and stir up trouble.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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