This city’s criminal justice system is so lenient that even hardened criminals are surprised

Let’s face it, the justice systems in many blue states and many of America’s big cities have become absolute jokes.

Criminals – often violent ones – are getting away with committing heinous acts without having to spend any jail time in the name of “social justice.”

Now things have gotten so bad in this one left-wing city that even hardened criminals are surprised by how lenient they are!

Baltimore, Maryland is a city that has gone downhill . . . big time.

This once gorgeous, waterfront city has turned into a dangerous warzone for only the brave to enter.

Who can forget the fan-less Baltimore Orioles game (before no crowds was a thing) due to the violent race riots a few years ago?

Naturally, Baltimore’s city council has taken steps to make the city even more dangerous by making it nearly impossible to arrest violent criminals and hold them in jail where they belong.

A prime example of Baltimore’s pro-crime policies can be seen in the case of Luther Trent.

Trent was arrested last year and even pled guilty to one count of first-degree arson after setting his ex-girlfriend’s house on fire while she and her two roommates were inside.

In total, Trent was charged with 18 different counts for his violent act.

But due to Baltimore’s pro-crime policies, that number decreased to 10, and eventually one, even despite his guilty plea.

As it stands, it does not appear as if Trent will spend any time in jail.

This is so baffling that the criminal in question, Luther Trent, even spoke out about how ridiculous the situation is.

“I was just charged with 18 different counts, that was dropped to 10, that was dropped to one. When I shouldn’t be out right now. I disrupted somebody’s life. I traumatized somebody because of how I felt in a situation,” Trent said.

“Personally, yes, I want to be out but principally, no I shouldn’t be out because I could have done a lot more damage than I did. I was expecting to get time. People who were in that situation, they should expect to get time,” Trent added.

There you have it folks, straight from the horse’s mouth.

It seems as if this deranged criminal has more common sense than the morons who are running the city of Baltimore.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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